A Realtor’s Tankless Job

A REALTOR’S TANKLESS JOB HAR’s consumer site won’t let you search for data in new fields that indicate whether a home has LEED or NAHB Green certification, AC with a high SEER rating, or other energy-related features yet, but listing agents have at least begun filling in the blanks: “For now, the word is still getting out – I doubt that all homes with Green features are being noted as such. There is also evidence that some of the homes are tagged incorrectly -Not even 90 days in to having these fields available there is not enough data yet to state whether or not homes with certain features definitely sell for more money than those without . . . Personally I have been amazed at the number of homes in the Houston area that have Solar PV or Solar Hot Water. The other trend that appears to grow by the week in MLS is the number of homes with Tankless Hot Water Heaters and Older homes with Low-E windows.” [Turning Houston Green, via Swamplot inbox]

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  • This is great news. I am a LEED AP and bought a home this summer. At the time there was no means of searching for homes with these features and it would have made a difference to us. We got really lucky. The house we picked had some custom built INS and turns out they are FSC wood and all the windows are double panes Windows(although the vapor barriers are broken on a few). I have enjoyed having lower utility bills (50% of our old apt bill for the same sf -and with a junky old ac to boot!) can’t wait to make a few upgrades and lower those bills even more while increasing the value of our home! Making this information available to consumers is a great way to encourage more adoption of the technologies and strategies available and I applaud har for initiati
    g this feature.

  • Hey Guys,

    Not sure how to take that title but thanks for the link love and for sharing. =) It will be nice when these terms can be searched through the consumer side.

    Stephanie Edwards-Musa