A Restaurant Guide Custom Made for Houston (and a Few Other Places)

From new travel-eating blog Eating the Road: This handy decisionmaking flowchart, to help you decide which chain restaurant to eat your next meal at. For a number of Outside the Loop neighborhoods, this may be the only restaurant guide you’ll ever need. And it works in a few other cities too!

Yes, that’s Yountville’s unchained French Laundry sitting all alone in the center — sadly, there’s no way to get to it from the decision tree. And what’s in the fine print to the right of Hooters?

Gift poster editions of the chart are available, though there seem to be a few problems with the online ordering system at the moment. Also from Eating the Road: Fast Food, Freezer Aisle, and Cereal editions.

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  • Nice! BTW, it says “a.k.a. if that’s your best excuse”

  • This would be more cool if they put independently owned restaurants that are only in Houston on this. Do you want Vietnamese food? — Mai’s; is it late at night and have you been clubbing? — Chapultepec; etc.

  • This could be useful if you find yourself in Dallas.

  • We can rest assured that there’s no Chevy’s “Mexican” food in Houston. . . there’s not, is there?

  • This is lame. I eat out almost every night of the week, and I don’t recognize a bunch of these names. Most of them I recognize as chains that exist “somewhere else” — although maybe those chains have expanded into the far outer-loop regions. If this is representative of “Eating the Road”, I won’t bother… although, of course, it sounds as though it’s meant to be a humorous guide to what to eat if you’re stuck with what you can reach from an interstate offramp.

    If I were to put together a “where to eat” flowchart, the restaurants would be similar in price range, but most would be local standalones, local chains, or regional chains, with a few big chains like BW3 thrown in. Mostly that’s because that’s what I’m surrrounded by, and where I go all the time. Oh, and they would nearly all be serving until at least 11pm, with quite a few open 24 hrs.

    But this isn’t the foodie blog. ;-)