A Ruddy and Ready Cottage in North Northill

Crack open the rubied exterior (top) for the creamy filling (above) of this red-brick cottage finished with brick-red paint. The updated 1928 North Norhill home spent Memorial Day weekend getting itself listed, at $389,900.


A casual swing, columns, and a highfalutin cornice over the door accent the front porch, located on the 1,254-sq.-ft.-home’s east side.

Is the change in flooring (visible in the photo below) a tipoff that the front rooms switched things up at some point? The listing mentions remodeling, but doesn’t say much about what or when — and neither does HCAD. (The current owner has been there since 2005.)

Two portals off the front room get very different finishing touches (above). The one on the left, lacking the trim found elsewhere  the home, leads to the dining room. The slightly arched one in the foreground frames a little hallway with access to a bedroom (tan) and bathroom (green). It also leads to the dining room (pictured below):

The kitchen-with-island has been overhauled for modern use and tastes (above). Its eat-in area tucks into what appears to be a paneled-now-painted early addition at the back of the home. Its French doors lead to the wooden deck out back.

The master is also off the kitchen. It’s the larger of the home’s 2 bedrooms and it comes with a walk-in closet . . .

built-in shelving and storage,

. . . and an oversized tub with shower:

Here’s the other bedroom and remaining bathroom:

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  • I like it until I saw those pedestal sinks…

  • $310 per sq ft?!! These are wild times in Houston.

  • “Per square foot” valuation only makes sense in assessing properties with no land value.

    $400k for a 1000sqft house with no land? $400 PSF!

    $400k for a 1000 sqft house with a 12k sqft corner lot? $400 PSF!

  • I’ve never heard of a property with No Land Value, it’s usually the other way around, Land Value with no value given to the structure. All things listed on HAR are per square foot price including the land.

  • Don’t bother making an offer if you aren’t willing to bid over and bid now. Three years ago, you could have bought this house for $320k max. Now, $400k might not get it done. On the other hand, I had friends in town from the East Coast and pointed out a house in the Heights that sold for the high 500s just after it listed. Their jaws dropped at what a bargain they thought it was.

  • @commonsense: Nope, HAR.com lists the price per square foot without the land value or square footage.

  • The owners did a good job remodeling the home. The eating area off the kitchen used to be the “ice box” porch.

  • I’d like to see this magical listing where the realtor had the correct information, ability, or even a need to separate price psf of the land vs. the structure.