A Scene from the Newly Demolished East End

Vacant Lot at 3510 Sherman St. at York St., East End, Houston

Spotted on a reader’s drive to Champ Burger: the newly vacant almost-an-acre lot at the corner of York and Sherman streets east of East Downtown, where the New Era Nursing and Rehab facility at 3510 Sherman St. was recently demolished. An entity controlled by Lovett Homes developer Frank Liu purchased the property last October.


Vacant Lot at 3510 Sherman St. at York St., East End, Houston

Also owned by the same Lovett-related entity: neighboring parcels at 100 Hutcheson St. (where the Houston Makerspace is leasing a warehouse building), 205 and 213 Hutcheson, and 109 and 111 York St., all of which were purchased a year earlier.

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Lovett Gotta

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  • The rundown bungalows in 2nd Ward and Magnolia Park will fall hard and fast to the townhouses if demand stays high as there are no nimbys, crime is low and the homes have been gently decomposing for decades.

  • Lovett. Of course it’s Lovett.

  • More crappy construction slathered in stucco from Liu & Co. : aka Lovett / IN Town Homes… Stop him and his ilk: they’re ruining Inner Loop quality of life with their heinous , CHEAPLY built , new construction stucco covered nauseating low quality boxes.

  • Not sure why they continue to plant live oaks below power lines like if they were legitimate understory trees. 20 years down the road they end up looking like that guy from the three stooges.