A Second Run at Groceries for Downtown

A SECOND RUN AT GROCERIES FOR DOWNTOWN Today is opening day for Georgia’s Market Downtown at 420 Main St., the same space where Byrd’s Market shut down last summer. The opening of Phoenicia Specialty Foods at One Park Place across from Discovery Green in the meantime means Georgia’s won’t be Downtown’s only grocery store. Like Phoenicia, Georgia’s is a second location of a more suburban operation (Georgia’s Farm to Market, in the former Kmart on the I-10 feeder just east of Dairy Ashford), and includes a cafe and bar (The Cellar, underground). [Eater Houston; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Eater Houston

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  • Would have been the Perfect address for a head shop.
    I’m happy to have another DT grocer.

  • Downtown needs residents to support these stores.

  • There are a lot of downtown/midtown residents — plus what about all the people that work downtown….plenty of people to support these stores

  • That’s why they’re all closing. Downtown sucks.

  • Downtown is a ghost town after dark, and main street while once nice and offered some real attractions is now all hip hop and thuggish places I wouldn’t dare step foot in. Good restaurants continue to fall by the way side, ERA for example, and nikonikos at market square is almost always deserted. Not exactly where a grocery store is going to do enough business to justify the exorbitant rent they’re liking paying. 6 months to a year max, unless they’re something really special.