A Shaggy, Worn Mod in Braeburn Glen Awaits Its Fate


For a flat-topped 1960 mod-in-the-rough in Braeburn Glen, spring’s official kickoff last Friday was also the date of its MLS debut. Might the seasonal switch-up trigger some renewal? The mid-century home tucks its entry under the flying wing of a stone-clad carport and features floors — with and without shag carpet — on several levels. The property is in foreclosure and features an asking price of $56,500.




The homestead’s only heat appears to be from the kitchen’s color choice of sizzlin’ hot salsa-colored laminate countertops. Nor is there any cooling system — other than a vent, the listing says.


There’s mention of hardwood flooring. Could it be under the carpet, hiding from the leopard?


The 1,644-sq.-ft. home has 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. The master bedroom (above) pairs sliding glass doors with security bars. Secondary bedrooms have only the latter:




The listing mentions there’s a swimming pool on the property, which is a 7,200-sq.-ft. lot located west of Gessner Rd. near Bissonnet and the Southwest Tennis Center Park.

Renovate or Smash?

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  • Great house. The perfect empty-slate for a young, underpaid single male intern architect to renovate and live in. If it were seven years ago and I was in that position, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.
    Granted, Braeburn Glen is not for everyone. It’s a working class, largely Latino neighborhood. But compared to apartments, nearby, the neighborhood is very safe. Burglar bars in this neck of the woods tend to be a feel-good measure and not an absolute necessity. And if you’re a single guy without a lot of money and with a penchant for mid-century fixer uppers (bonus if you speak Spanish), it’s the place for you.

  • A diamond in the rough !!! Cody it’s calling your name,dude…

  • I drove by this property on my way to Shamrock Inn (which is within walking distance for whoever buys the property – bonus points!). I’m a single female and didn’t feel safe enough to pull up into the driveway and get out of my vehicle to take a walk around the property (there is no gate so the backyard is open). Would love to see that pool … bet it was a real party pad back in the day. So many neighbors on the block in the street having conversations at parked inoperable vehicles … their conversations all stopped abruptly when they saw me drive up. Guess they thought ‘there goes the neighborhood’!

  • Granted it’s a foreclosure with a very low asking price, but couldn’t the agent do better than a couple of blurry photos she took with her iPhone?

  • HEY!
    ZAW: or a young, underpaid single female intern architect

  • Patrick: Thanks! But we’re finishing up a few projects and taking a long time off from anything new.

  • @movocolot
    Yes, a young, underpaid, single female intern architect, too! My apologies.

  • I drove by and took a good look at it. If anyone is thinking about flipping it you won’t make any money as it needs a ton of work. If you choose to own it and fix it up, it could be a cool little Mod. The highest recent sale in that neighborhood was $120k.

  • Too late. Somebody bought that money pit smack dab in a flood zone no less. In late 2003 we drove by BG looking at available offerings and all the houses closest to the bayou had discarded carpet and padding sitting at the curb. I kept driving.