A Sharp Stucco Moderne Rental in Braeswood for Less Than $5K


It’s a bit of a prickly walk past the cacti to the low-key entry of a palm-shaded 1948 Art Moderne-ish contemporary home with pool that’s available for lease in Braeswood for $4,800 per month. The residential street is located a block south of W. Holcombe Blvd. on a block west of Greenbriar Dr. that’s chock full of housing styles ranging from postwar to more recently built townhomian.



Most of the rental property’s first floor has stained concrete flooring. Could that room with glass bricks off the foyer be the camera shy powder room? In the combo living-dining room running the depth of the 3,254-sq.-ft. home, a high and horizontal recessed mirror accents the otherwise blank north face:




HCAD records indicate some sort of renovation took place in 1998, but there have been some subsequent tweaks, such as in the kitchen finishes. The room has a central location in the layout downstairs. There’s a doorway into the living room (visible in the side wall of the photo above) and a service window into the family room:



Laundry facilities found a way into a closet off the family room, or maybe that’s a cut-through . . .


to a small study with a lot of windows (and built-in shelving), placing it in a front corner:


Could this alcove have been an earlier entry into it?


The landing upstairs includes access to a westward-facing balcony that’s deep enough to cap the carport.



The 4-bedroom count depends a little on how the space gets used. The master suite, for example, has an adjacent alcove . . .


with balcony looking north over the street:


Sadly, the listing’s sole photo of the master bathroom reveals only a few blue clues to the setup.


Here’s one of the secondary bedrooms:


Another bedroom is really 2-in-1, the listing says:


Here’s the other full bathroom, shared by the secondary bedrooms upstairs:


The garage has a tandem footprint. It’s located at the back of the 8,424-sq.-ft. lot. A decorative steel panel gates the driveway near the front of the home.


Much of the back yard has a waterfront both shaded and shed on by the landscaping.


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  • I assume that by asking that high of a price for that POS property, they are trying to get 6 or so college students to go in on it together. Of course, that will result in more parties, more wear and tear, and more delayed maintenance on the cracked floors and peeling paint.

  • What a nice 1948 modernism example, and in Houston! I imagine a tenant wearing a Picasso sailor shirt and smoking a Magritte pipe.

  • This price is laughable and most want you to sign a 2 year lease—100000 dollars for zero equity and poor schools–in a word: obtuse

  • If you consider the rental price is $1.48 per square foot with a pool and a yard, think of an 850 square foot 1 bedroom apartment renting for $1250 following the same factor. Maybe not everyone’s taste but considering this crazy market, it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. A true piece of crap 450 square foot garage apartment in Montrose commands $850+. Go figure…….

  • Yawn….not impressed. Why not just sell it?

  • Shannon — I don’t follow the schools closely, but isn’t this area zoned to Roberts, a much better school than Poe? I agree the price seems high, but if you are looking for elementary schools, this would be a good area as I understand it.

  • Well okay. Well alright – I dig the steel casement windows. It’s like Miami Beach.

  • Yes, this house would be zoned to Roberts, which is an outstanding school. But as I’ve learned as an HISD parent over the years, some people still refuse to believe that anything in HISD could ever be as good as Katy (or a private school inside the Loop). That’s not true, obviously, but to each his own. We’re lucky in Houston to have so many schools and districts to choose from.

    I’m assuming Roberts is one of the reasons the rent is what it is. Rentals in Southgate, within walking distance to Roberts, usually fly off the market as soon as they’re listed. The only disadvantage for this house is that kids would have to cross Holcombe to walk to school – most parents don’t want to do that at rush hour.

  • Uh, Shannon – not sure how you define “POS schools,” but that house is zoned to Roberts EL and Pershing MS, the #2 and #9 most selective magnet schools in Houston.


    And actually – the price per square foot for that rental is lower than most in the area.

    No idea if the landlords will get their asking price, but it’s not as outlandish as it may seem. Glad I am not trying to lease or buy in Houston these days!

  • 1) It’s not that nice of a place.
    2) With that amount of money you can actually buy a nice place.

    …but who would make any money if we were all intelligent?