A Simms Woods Contemporary Mods Up For a $450K Flip




Spiffed up more than considerably since its purchase for $93K in September 2014, a double-decker Simms Woods spread maxes out the midcenturyisms. Do the updates — to just about every surface and system — merit the $450K asking price in its listing over the weekend? The 1955 property, in a neighborhood west of Idylwood, is one lot off the intersection of Jefferson and Hackney streets. That puts it catty-corner to the site of a planned 173-home subdivision on a cleared, former 11.93-acre warehouse property adjacent to the HB&T rail line.



The hardwood floors are original but buffed up, the listing says, but what about the zebra-pudding effect of dark ribs spanning white ceilings in the living room and den?




Glimpses of the home before its makeover by CFV Home Restoration are hard to come by (and blurry) in a previous listing. The kitchen, however, used to have a pine finish (and possibly a blocked window):


Like the rest of the swanked-up home, the kitchen sticks to a black-and-white buildout:




Much of the lighting swings retro, such as the jet era fixture (above) and Sputnik chandelier:


Weighing in at 3,602-sq.-ft., the home is one of the largest on its block (by almost double). It’s also a story taller than most homes in the neighborhood.


The floor plan has 6 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms. There’s a master suite upstairs and down:


Updates to the property include a new roof, HVAC system, windows, electrical, and plumbing, plus plenty of floating vanities in the revamped bathrooms:








The upstairs master suite has a private balcony . . .


and a bathroom jazzed up with accent trim, including a runway . . .


for the toilet approach and adjacent splash zone, fitted with a conjoined shower and tub.


Here, too, the vanity hovers:


There’s a single-driveway with a parking pad, but no garage. HCAD records do not indicate any previous renovations to the property, which had been held by the prior owner’s family for about 20 years.

Short Ribs

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  • Nice remodel I would have added some more color to the home. A little overpriced for the area 1.5 mile area radius around this home is kida sketchy I think this home could a kinda hard sell. I really like this pocket neighbor though

  • I’ll say it looks better than it did before the remodeling but it’s still an odd duck. Not likely a house that many will find attractive. The nabe and area are ok but there is a Metro busline on Jefferson and buses pass by all day long. An overall positive sign for this area just to see flippers and developers lurking and working.

  • It looks like a house that was originally a one-story that had a second story added at some point. It was in really bad shape and looked pretty hopeless before. Overall I think they did a nice job with one glaring exception. Driving past it, they left the old T-111 siding on the second story. It looks cheap, it is cheap, and in some cases warped looking. They need to hardi-board or something, anything, to change that out if they want that price point in Simms Woods.

  • I like the look, but 6 bedrooms? Maybe a tough sell. Regardless, like Dana-X said, I like the ideas of flippers / developers doing work in this area. Hopefully it only help my Idylwood home value.

  • Interior nice, exterior paint job……ugh!

  • Nice effort with lots of work put into the bathroom tiling. It’s an improvement for sure, but the earlier additions are unfortunate and the end result isn’t pleasing enough for me, at least. Good luck with the sale.

  • Uhhh, nice remodel but you went from $93,000 to $450,000 and in that area? YEAH RIGHT…

  • More before pictures in the link below….. thanks for everyones interest in the project. We are a father daughter team saving historical homes from the wrecking ball in the 2nd and 3rd wards. Every nail in this 1955 home was originally driven in by hand and every board hand cut. That’s something to talk about. And YES, East Ender, the home started as a one story then was built on to…but never finished.


  • The “from” is meaningless. It’s the “to”. If they’re selling it for a fair price given the property, location, comps, etc then who cares if they bought it for $1

  • elements of the house are nice

  • I like what they have done with the interiors. I like the simple color scheme and even the “zebra pudding” ribs add enough pop without going overboard.
    The Greater Eastwood and Idylwood areas are ripe for gentrification and I’m glad (like others have said) to see flippers and developers wade into the space. While I’m not in the market for a 6-bedroom beast, I’ll hope that someone will buy that property (but at a bit lower price point).

  • @Railroad Rae – Good work. I love the Sylvan house even more, I hope you keep it up in the area.