A Spring Valley Spread Ready for Your RV

Beneath all the pine trees of this Spring Oaks property there’s a redwood-sided garage big enough for a RV, or so says the listing. Although the single-story 1955 home has been updated a few times, most of the remodeling appears to be a decade — or two — old. Still, the $790,000 metal-roofed home comes with nearly a half-acre of land, a pool, some patios, plus that extra-large, multi-purpose car barn.


The street-facing window on the narrow front porch belongs to the combo living and dining area, which is off the entry hall:

This window in the original front dining area has a southern exposure in a room anchored by a half-wall of mirrors:

The home’s back wall has floor-to-ceiling windows framing the yard and its amenities. A family room off the open kitchen centers on that view:

There’s a small breakfast nook

and den off the kitchen:

The den’s wall of French doors leads to a patio enclosed by a curving brick wall:

The den also has a bar, a fireplace, and a passageway to the back yard:

The home has 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. Here’s the master bedroom:

Tiles in the master bathroom carbon-date the home’s mid-century origins:

The listing counts 2,493 sq. ft. in the home; the garage measures 40 ft. by 24 ft.:

There’s a pool table:

And a table by the pool:

Make that a really big pool:

The yard also has a few patios and wooden decks:

The Spring Valley property appears similar in scale, elevation, and style to other homes on its street, which is located in between Wirt and Bingle south of Westview.

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  • A living room, a family room and a den.

    A family of 4 could, if they wanted, live together and likely never interact.

    Love the backyard.

  • I agree with you on the backyard PYEWACKET2. Absolutely beautiful.

  • The caladium planting is a very nice touch. Fantastic pines; I wouldn’t mind the needle drop at all.

  • $800K to live half a mile from I-10 that far from downtown? Upwind, sure, but still.

  • @ J…. It probably takes 8-12 minutes to get to downtown from this house. Not really sure what you would want to go “downtown” for, but to each their own. Let me guess, you live “in the loop”. If this house was in Oak Forest then you would have most likely not made a comment about the homes proximity to downtown.

  • “Village” property on a half acre…yep, pricing is in ballpark (maybe 100k too much, but you never know). If this was south of I-10, the property alone would be close to a million. It’s nice, that’s for sure.

  • I agree, the back yard is really nice, especially for people who like the pool to be partially shaded.

    What really sent me on a nostalgia trip was the planter box full of Caladiums. The house I grew up in was built in 1959 and had a brick planter box also filled with Caladiums. Must’ve been the design fad of that time.

  • JB —

    I think J’s comment is less about proximity to downtown and more about paying 800K to live in the area. I know there’s a lot of land but Christ. Comparable houses are half that price in Oak Forest and Meyerland.

  • @Brittanie:

    It’s in a “village”. Nuff said.

  • Merely being in Spring Valley adds at least 50% premium to the price of a house as compared to a similar house a few blocks away in Houston. at least that was the case when we looked in that area.

  • @jb: I live in Spring Branch and it just seems like a poor value compared to locations N/NW of there that have similar access to I-10. Hard to begrudge a shady pool, though.

  • @Ross
    Still the case, zoned to Memorial HS