A Straight-Up Sam’s Club Swap in West Houston

A STRAIGHT-UP SAM’S CLUB SWAP IN WEST HOUSTON Tomorrow, one big old Sam’s Club will be closing and another new one opening, reports the Houston Business Journal: The store on Hwy. 6 and the Katy Fwy. near the Addicks Reservoir will turn out the lights after 20 years, and the new 136,000-sq.-ft. store will begin its run at 13331 Westheimer near Eldridge Pkwy. [Houston Business Journal] Photo: Ben Huynh

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  • Nothing encapsulates Houston’s sprawl quite like a Sam’s (a big-box membership only warehouse store) moving

  • Future civilizations will puzzle over the meaning of the gigantic empty concrete and plaster boxes we left everywhere.

  • This was “my” Sam’s Club. I was chatting with one of the employees about the upcoming move and he told me that the old store property was being acquired by next-door neighbor Top Golf. Expect at least some of this land to be used for Top Golf overflow parking.

  • It’s a prime site – any word on future development of the site?

  • The big question is ….
    Will the new Wal-Mart have a greasy little _affle House?

  • That’s a prime site? Yikes. There is nearly unlimited land out there.

  • This is the Energy Corridor area; anything here a prime site now.

    The move makes sense for Sam’s because while the old site was at a transportation crossroads, the immediate neighborhood is overwhelmingly commercial. They ought to do better with a location convenient to residents of Alief and Eldridge/West Oaks areas.

  • I will still avoid it, just like I avoid its sister chain of stores Ghettomart. Costco is way better.