A Sunset Joyride Down the New I-45 Ramp to 59 North

Fasten your seat belts — it’s time for a detour down the new ramp TxDOT just opened off I-45 north to 59 north. Included in the footage: new views of the downtown skyline, along with some of an adjacent ramp now under construction between the 2 highways that’ll offer freeway sightseers an even higher vantage point when its open.

You can see it taking shape off to the left in the still photo below:


Video: Marc Longoria. Photos: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool

Dashcam Footage

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  • That’s I-45 South (AKA Gulf Freeway) heading north.

  • To be even pickier, it’s coming from the UH ramp, not the I-45 ramp.

  • So (for now) it ties in to the existing single 59 NB lane, just from a lot farther out 45.

  • @bill_b technically it is I-45 going north. I can just see an out of towner getting directions from a Houstonion. “First you go north on I-45 south, I”m sorry I meant to say you go north on the Gulf Freeway and exit onto the Eastex Freeway and then head over to the Katy Freeway just outside of downtown, you won’t see any signs for these freeways just trust me”

  • Technically is from Spur 5, not from 45. But, there’s probably not even a single Spur 5 sign for this off shoot from UH.