A Terribly Vague Update

A TERRIBLY VAGUE UPDATE “More to tell!,” says the Swamplot tipster who earlier in January shared some big vague news that something was going to happen to “a major (non-residential) Houston property” — and no, it wasn’t Macy’s — sometime this year: “It looks like some changes have come up. The part of the property to be demolished will retain some of the current façade and no notable architects will be brought in. However, a new structure may be built on another part of the property and that one is still very new in terms of recent developments, as in the past couple of weeks, so prominent designers and what-have-you aren’t entirely off the table. When it comes down to it, the property is going to have to fight to maintain its relevance in the new economic climate, and I don’t mean the recession and recovery. You might have guessed what it is by now, but I still can’t say it yet. . . . I just want to make sure you have the most recent information possible because it’s a Houston landmark even if I wish it weren’t.” [Swamplot inbox] Photo: Seth Bienek

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  • Must be the Astrodome.

  • A modest suggestion: Don’t publish such non-informative drivel! Wait until you have something to tell us.

    Or label it a “contest” or something. Give a prize for guessing.

  • Looking at the comments to the original post up until the time of the post in which the tipster said the property was named, 10 properties were named: River Oaks Theatre, Rice Village Shopping Center, Galleria, Houston Pavillions, strip center at Westheimer & Montrose, Hotel Derek, Houston Club, the Houston Post bldg, KBR, and the Astrodome.
    Cross off everything that couldn’t remotely be considered a “landmark” and anything that either doesn’t have a significant facade or that couldn’t be practically demo’d while retaining the facade, and it seems like you’re left with River Oaks Theatre (which, ironically, is operated by Landmark).

  • Could it be a Landmark Theater?

  • I hate crap like that. Either say what it is or forget it! Give me a break!

  • Yup, River Oaks Theater; Its a “Landmark” that he wishes was not… meaning he wishes it was not owned by Landmark….?

  • My money is on RO Theater, and the “saving of the facade” will be like what Weingarten did for the Village Theater’a marquee.

  • you heard me.

  • Hey, did you hear about that awesome new project happening over yonder? Too bad it’s misplacing that thing that some people like and others don’t. The architect/contractor/developer/use is still up in the air, but I’ll be sure to pass along any and all updates.


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  • Um, he’s sick. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw the tipster pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.

  • Breaking News: WRI has a plan to redevelop River Oaks Shopping Center. In other news, the sky is blue.

  • Am I putting too much into that photo? Does not seem like a River Oaks Theater crowd to me, and why are the trucks parked like that?

  • The photo is from someplace in the Med Center.

  • “it’s a Houston landmark even if I wish it weren’t.”

    The Dome?

  • It’s Gallery Furniture (“landmark even if I wish it weren’t). Mattress Mac is retiring and giving up his furtniture business. Instead, he is putting his money where his ultra conservative mouth is and will be transforming the Gallery Furniture complex on I-45 into “Fountain Land”, an Ayn Rand inspired theme park for kids. Upon entering the park, kids will get to play a number of carnival games. Kids that do well will get to ride roller coasters and ferris wheels and eat hot dogs and cotton candy. The kids who do not do well at the games will be given brooms and mops. They will have to clean the floors and will only get to eat sardine sandwiches.

  • @Kelly – I disagree. Real estate blind items are fun!!

  • I think it’s the dome. “Current economic situation” not referring to recession, that seems like a reference to the Texans just changing their ticket prices.

    Maybe the tipster just thinks of the dome as an eyesore (as many do). that’s my guess anyways.