A Timeline for H-E-B’s Multi-Story Bellaire Replacement; The Importance of ‘Thick’ Architecture


Photo of White Oak Music Hall: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Millennials: “Cost a Factor”. Oh man, am I glad our generation is the first to establish this merit for purchasing a home. I mean, I was about to go for that $1.25m condo in 3333 Allen Parkway, but It turns out… COST IS A FACTOR. Garbage article from a garbage news source. Another “Aha” moment is that there exist eateries and bars outside of the beltway that are NOT a chain? I… I can uber to these locations and enjoy (almost), the same life style? I wonder if any Gen X’ers or Boomers are reading that article slapping their knee in total shock from young people buying a home in a suburbs. Almost as much disbelief as our generation has found out that COST IS A FACTOR? embarrassing…