A Topped-Off Mod in Tanglewood

This 1966 Tanglewood mod has changed so much it might as well be a new listing: A redesign from Austin architect Tom Hurt has almost doubled the square footage, adding to the original flat roof some shapely contemporary juts that give the place an entire second story. Showcased by Houston Mod just this past Sunday as a Mod of the Month, the Riverview Dr. redo went on the market this week at $1,895,000.


That’s what the 2,364-sq.-ft. house at 6127 Riverview Dr., near the Houston Country Club, looked like before Hurt stepped in.

And this is what the 4,461-sq.-ft. house looks like now:

Through those crape myrtles you can see the geometrical add-ons where the house’s 3rd and 4th bedrooms, study, and playroom can be found.

But first the first floor:

The living room opens to a teevee room with an adjoining bar:

The dining room and kitchen:

And down the hall to the master bedroom and bath . . .

. . . and guest bedroom and bath:

That’s a view that didn’t exist until recently, thanks to that armored floating staircase.

The landing leads to 4 new rooms:

There’s a bedroom:

And another:

And a this-could-be-almost-anything room:

And an office or study:

The fenced-in backyard:

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  • Nicely done. Always great to see a MCM saved from the bulldozer.

  • When I was a kid, this was one of the first houses in our part of the neighborhood. There are a number of these sprinkled throughout Tanglewood. A Satellite look at the neighborhood recently really showed me how many of the original houses in the neighborhood have been demo’d and replaced. I remember riding to the U-Totem and cruising the golf course on our bikes. It really was a great neighborhood to grow up in back then. Not as many kids in the streets these days.

  • Saw it. I was a little iffy about the concept but it’s very attractive and welcoming when you see it.

  • Tastefully executed, a very cool house.

  • anyone else think this is godawful? the lines remind me of an 80’s rockband logo

  • No Ryan, you are on your own.

  • No Ryan you’re alone–this house is really cool–nicely done

  • open stair steps mean lots of dust below on the other side and right by the kitchen too!

  • I think the big gray stair thing looks awful, but overall I love it.

  • When I saw it I was really surprised by how dramatic but still “welcoming” all the non-90-degree angles were. Sometimes that looks contrived or precious but it really works here. I’ve seen some mods that were heavily altered that became neither fish nor fowl but this kind of works. I was even looking at the “shingle” walls of the second floor addition and thinking “I should hate this but it looks pretty cool.” I was a little surprised in a house of this size and cost that there were only two smallish kids’ bedrooms. One thing that the listing agent said was that the owners had made preserving the original terrazzo a very high priority.

  • I do very much admire the overall concept of how existing and new are combined in the house. At this price though, I would expect a bigger kitchen and a more high end tile or stone in the bathrooms.

  • FWIW, the master bathroom with its little gravel path, plants and brick wall is actually very appealing and original. I probably wouldn’t do that in my own house but I can appreciate the appeal.

  • Beautiful….only would be bank mortgage valued at $400,000 tops…..nobody has a million cash, FDIC accounts, the only allowed in our Financial system, well the are insured up to $250,000 which means if you are hoarding over that amount it must be placed in a Treasury Bond or Savings account, doesn’t anyone get that? our banks are directly dialed in to the Treasury Department…..the brand is basically a contract employee firm with a long term Federal Contract to handle the cash flow of our federal money system…..which means all ATMS would be a Bank, one at a corner bank or in a National Grocery store chain…..also Kroger is and was founded here in Houston, TX Simon Randall Krozier a french family from Beaumont Texas…..They handled and are still in control of the Randall’s Flagship name which was converted to Kroger Signature…..meaning their largest SF store each designed as a one of a kind neighborhood commercial building the firm would develop in partnership with the Commercial management firm of Moody-Rambin with SpawGlass of Austin and Turner Industries of Beaumont and Lumberton Texas as long term contracted construction firm and architectural firm meaning we do have real people drawing these buildings and designing them long before they are built in real life…..they must pass all HUD standards for Urban Development, which means any development meant for public use….the only thing you can build by yourself is a rural personal home or barn…IE a farm house……even a commercial farm and home would fall in to get the HUD approval permit cat…..no more wild building and leaving cities dead as we swarm another region…..also our financial system is a joke 00.00 the negative is a percent which is and was only used in retail to not the amount off the full price….so $10.50 is half off ten dollars……the computers are programmed to scan that way at their base code values and that is going to come out in their systems real damn soon……..tax is a standard amount calculated in to the retail price and is paid out at the end of the year by the company selling anything…..so that extra 8% is someone stealing from you…..Treasury of each state is Federally Obligated to balance each states books and every firm is based here if they operate here. they pay taxes here…….or they leave……….they sell here then they have a USA division, the end no more hiding bullshit….no more Canada Exit Realty or any foreign firm or company having any control like that…..real-estate firms are like banks…..contract employee Brand firms, the SEC licenses these Realtors and Mortgage broker since both are financial brokers…..it is like applying for a hunting license…..these folks, we do watch, we watch every damn transaction they do since we do not steal or create wealth for just yourselves or our HOOD or any CRAP like that…..gangs of white rich or fake gang bangers is way over folks

  • I think they should have retained the integrity of staircase (like what appears to be the original rails on the opposite site of stairs – open, tasteful, modern).

  • I like the windows, brick, and gravel in the bath. The cheap white tiles keep it from looking like a million bucks. Things need to look like a million bucks when they are asking for a million bucks.

  • I absolutely love this house! I really like the pathway leading up to the house, with the trees. The inside of the house is beautiful too. I wish I could afford to move.

  • This is NOT nicely done. While I am a supporter of preservation, I am also an advocate of updating these homes to suit current lifestyles. In this case, we have a gratuitous remodel that winds up looking like a cheap, hipster version of Zaha Hadid. At the end of the day this house will look dated in about one year, similar to all of the contemporary-remodel-freak-out houses in West Hollywood Hills, California. Too bad.