A Torchy’s Takeover in Rice Village

Four, apparently: That’s how many construction workers it takes to hang the new Torchy’s Tacos sign out front of the former Gugliani’s Italian Grill building in Rice Village. A Swamplot reader reports that the suite at 2400 Times Blvd. has been getting a gutting since Tuesday; much of it has been junked in the Dumpster pictured above. The Austin chain has two other locations inside the Loop — one on South Shepherd Dr. near Fairview and one under construction in the former Harold’s in the Heights store at the corner of Ashland and 19th St. There has been no announcement yet when the Rice Village location will open.

Photo: Allyn West

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  • I haven’t been to Torchy’s, but this bums me out-when that space was Collina’s I looooved going there. Was one of the first places I went to in the Village as a wee teenage suburban kid and I thought it was sooo cool an urban :-) Plus the food was good until googlyianee’s took over

  • why?!? the tacos from this place are a sad representation of what tacos really are, tacos are not hipster. Go back to autin!

  • Colin: I’m happy about a this new Torchy’s. I think the tacos are pretty good. I love the avocado taco on a flour tortilla and their queso is better than any other queso I’ve tried. I also love the atmosphere. I’m 60 and not hip at all but I’m happy they are in Houston.

  • Tacos are all sorts of things. If you want old school tacos there are plenty of good options out there. I like Torchy’s as well as the more traditional varieties.

  • Looking forward to the one in the Heights opening!

  • Grateful Taco was better than Torchy’s. The food tasted fresher.

  • Ohhhhh!!!! Charlie’s Hamburgers, that’s where we’re talking about. I had to google-map it to figure out which corner that was.

  • Trailer park, trashy please. Thanks

  • I noticed a few days ago that the Harold’s location now has a sign saying the space is available and all those permits that were taped to the glass are gone. I guess they changed their mind?

  • JM, I noticed that also. Incredibly disappointing.

  • I am excited about the Cyclone Anayas going in Hanover development! C.A. will actually be an addition to the neighborhood.

  • Right next door to the Briar Shoppe. Best humidor in town.

  • Damn Good tacos are served, y’all. This location is NOW OPEN. Come and get it.

  • Torchy: I’m so happy you are open in the Village!