A Treestarter for Meadowcreek Village Park

A TREESTARTER FOR MEADOWCREEK VILLAGE PARK Map of Meadowcreek Village Park, Forest Oaks Blvd., Meadowcreek Village, HoustonThere’s no ponderous selfie video to go with the appeal (a more generic promotional vid from Trees for Houston is posted instead), but the Beautification Committee of the Meadowcreek Village Civic Club has taken to a crowdfunding site to raise money for twenty 15-gallon trees they hope to plant at drought-stricken Meadowcreek Village Park on Forest Oaks Blvd. just south of Allendale Rd. The $3,000 the committee hopes to raise from online donations won’t be going to buy the trees, however — Trees for Houston has already donated them. Instead, they’re trying to fund the trees’ watering costs for 2 years, which committee chair Joe Rocha figures will cost $75 per tree per annum. With a mere 43 days to go before the end-of-the-year watering-fund deadline, the campaign is almost a third of the way toward its goal. [YouCaring] Drawing of Meadowcreek Village Park: Beautification Committee

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  • We are doing the same thing in Riverside Park (77004), with planting planned for February 2014. The two year watering plan is a requirement of the City of Houston. It can be expensive, but guarantees success of the effort. Trees for Houston has a watering truck, but charges $75/tree/year for using it.

  • Yay Jose. Nice job organizing this effort! The beautiful park will look even better.