A Vaulted Scott Ballard Design in First Montrose Commons for $1.22 Million



Beneath the glulam arches of a 2004 contemporary home designed by Houston architect Scott Ballard, living spaces line up in an open floor plan (top) with double-stacked windows fore and aft. The east-west property in First Montrose Commons near the HSPVA campus was listed last week, but recently upgraded its listing photos. It carries has an asking price of $1.22 million.



Ceiling and floors walk the plank. Most of the living area is on the 3,126-sq.-ft. home’s second level.




One of the bedrooms is on the second level:


Two others top out the upper level floor plan:




Meanwhile, the lower level has studio space with direct access to the patio and pool:



Art reflected in a mirror amid the built-in shelving suggests this room is across from the studio:


There’s also this lower level study, which opens to a back porch:



An upper balcony off the living room looks eastward:


The other upper deck, with dining space off the dining room, looks to the west:


Below deck at the front of the property, there’s a frond-fringed pool and patio, which appear in listing photos both au naturel . . .


and with extra oomph:



Let’s Roll

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  • It looks like a converted Hummer dealership with the curved roof. I’m buying the house only if that stripped overstuffed chair/beanbag-hybrid thing in the study stays…

  • nice place, and the furnishings and art match the house well. location is still a bit dicey for that price point, but that neighborhood won’t be that way in another 5 to 7 years.

  • NativeHoustonian:

    I agree! I would almost pay the $1.2 million for the chair alone:)

  • Nice. I guess it takes a million dollar listing to get high quality photos on the HAR website.

  • Area is dicey? One of the hottest spots in the city. Heart of Montrose. New $$ home going up all over.

  • i agree with @cody – attached town homes throughout 77006 are edging up to 7-figures. This is an attractive home that can likely be had at an attractive price for folks actually in that market.

  • super cool home

  • No way is this neighborhood dicey–I lived a few blocks away 20 years ago and never felt it was dicey. Not even when my roommate came in to find a transvestite rifling through my handbag (he had left the door unlocked while he ‘parked” with his girlfriend) as I slept upstairs.

  • The chair is a Gaetano Pesce design called UP5. No need to spend $1.2MM for one as you could probably find one for about $5000.

  • There is one specific institution in this neighborhood that makes it feel a little dicey. This property is far enough away from that institution to not be affected. The funny thing is that this institution actually serves to protect the nearby parts of the neighborhood by providing almost completely harmless people walking the streets 24/7, scaring away those with bad intentions.

  • Noticed this one on har yesterday. Very cool house and makes great use of that small lot. Even does well with the garage in front, which I normally don’t like.
    Here’s hoping something this unconventional sells.