Late Brady in Southside Place

Had the Brady Bunch built their iconic midcentury home in the late seventies (and somewhere other than sunny southern California), its interior might have looked something like this listing in Southside Place. Granted, the street elevation shows more snout (at right) than a classic suburban split level that just happens to harbor a 2-story interior. And, yes, the interior finishes are darker and heavier than the sitcom’s flower-powered set. But something about the open-riser staircase (top) begs for a brood to gather for annual family photos. There’s also a massive hearth for the wood-burning fireplace. A big kitchen. A bar. Plus, generously proportioned rooms for earnest conversations with mom or dad about making the right decisions or getting along despite jealousy, middle child angst, and misguided yearnings for singing careers.


The view from the stairwell reinforces the impression that the first floor is a studio set (above), since several walls float like room dividers below the vaulted ceiling. Downstairs also has 2 bedrooms, one of which is the master. But another possible master bedroom is upstairs, along with the fourth bedroom.  There are 3 bathrooms. The 2-car garage in front of the 8,750-sq.-ft. lot opens to Bellaire Blvd. Much of the remaining front yard is a bricked courtyard that leads to the double-wide front door. Out back, there’s a wooden deck and yard. 

Soon after the initial listing last month at $575,000, the asking price dropped to $549,000. The home’s square footage and its street address are about the same.

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  • Where to start. Every wall is painted the same color, white. blech.

  • A half million dollars to live on a smallish lot on a major road…now that does sound like California.

  • I don’t get a Brady’s vibe at all from this house. Unless there was only 1 bath for 6 kids, then maybe

  • no art on the walls=no pesky nail holes for the next owner!

  • Who cares about wall color? That’s so minor. I like it!

  • I suppose a realtor can call anything mid-century modern, but a buyer interested in that asthetic won’t be interested in this property at all. If the construction date doesn’t tip them off that the building isn’t mid-century, the pictures will certainly show that it isn’t modern. Nice try, Ms. Realtor.

  • northside girl: Paint the walls myself? Are you crazy? I must be compensated for my pain and suffering with a ten thousand dollar price reduction!

  • Sihaya – or you can hire somebody.. I always see guys hanging out at sherwin williams. Personally, I find painting (interior walls) kind of fun and rewarding.

  • I used to own this house