A Very Special Thanksgiving from Swamplot

Swamplot’s regular Neighborhood Guessing Game will not be played this week, so that we may bring you this special presentation: A Thanksgiving holiday free of the temptation to hit the refresh button repeatedly, just to see if the contest winner has been posted yet. (Swamplot will be off Thursday and Friday.)

Feel the urge to pore obsessively through listing photos anyway? Why not scour available properties for a good Guessing Game candidate yourself? If you find a good one, send it in — we just might run with it. Or take some time to shuffle through our thick archive of historic NGG matches — to hone your sleuthing skills, to relive your triumphs, or just to grumble softly about the guesses you should have made — and that neighborhood that got away.

Got an even better idea for how NGG addicts might spend a holiday week? Please add your suggestions below.

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