A Well-Wrapped Star Is Born: $119,500 Copperfield 3-Bedroom Embarks on National Media Tour

Photos of a 2-story brick home in the Easton Commons area of Copperfield featured on Swamplot last Friday have since found their way onto 2 national real-estate websites. 14818 Chetland Place Dr.’s moment in the media spotlight is surely a testament either to a nascent farm and star-making infrastructure for breakout local real-estate listings — or to the sheer attention-getting power of bizarre listing photos.


Swamplot’s brief report focused on a TV appearance taking place in the living room:

In subsequent reports in national outlets, however, the carefully protected furniture inside had its chance to shimmer:

“We hear jewel tones are in,” wrote Sarah Firshein at Curbed National earlier this week. A few days later, AOL Real Estate‘s Stefanos Chen was able to push the story further with some critical original reporting: “It turns out that the seller is getting ready to put many of the home furnishings in storage, and the Martian-colored shrink-wrap is just the first step in the process,” he wrote after interviewing the listing agent.

AOL readers appeared skeptical of the whole thing: “What is the point of this article?” demanded one of 24 commenters. “Who cares if their furniture was wrapped in emerald green shrink wrap?!” Swamplot readers, keep sending us your tips. A national audience is out there, hungry for the kind of stuff only you can dig up.

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  • “who cares?!?!?!?!” – Obviously they have not visited Swamplot! It’s important to rid these non-thinking, unstylish Houston home sellers and to make as much fun as possible.

    People from other cities just do not get it.

  • AOL readers are dismissive?
    Dinosaur #1: “Hey, that’s the biggest flaming rock I’ve ever seen and it’s heading right for us!”
    Dinosaur #2: “Who cares about big flaming rocks!”

  • ugly houses = flaming rocks heading straight towards dinosaurs

    haha :p