A West Alabama and Weslayan Kickoff to the Next Highrise Apartment Growing Season

Here’s a shot of the now-vacant corner of Weslayan and West Alabama, where PM Realty Group has announced it’ll be constructing a 35-story apartment building and parking garage — with a restaurant and “service retail” — beginning next year. The 2.6-acre site is the former location of the Confederate House at 2925 Weslayan, later known as the State Grille, which was torn down in 2008. PM Realty bought the site from Giorgio Borlenghi’s Interfin Cos. last month. No renderings from PM Realty’s architects, RTKL, have been passed around yet.

Photo: Candace Garcia

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  • in 30 years Houston will look like new york city


  • …and before that was the location of the Black Angus restaurant whose pin mount letter G was constantly being stolen…

  • Does anybody know what goes on in the enormous (though it will look puny in comparison) windowless AT&T building across the street? The thing looks like a prison.

  • There’s quite a bit of traffic near there. Will the “Stop the Ashby High Rise” people step in to help the residents of the patio homes next door?

  • 30 years? I say 200 years

  • the at&t building is a switch station, not offices.

  • I don’t think Houston is likely EVER to look like NYC. Rather like LA. Without the mountains. Or the seashore.
    Hi-rise at this loc. is okay with me because no great natural beauty is being destroyed.

  • I never “LOL” but I did when I read tcp (#2)’s post

  • Spoonman: the intarweb pipez

  • That building houses equipment and battery type equipment that requires climate control…no sunlight…(just heard that on the radio the other morning!)

  • Since a lot of the traffic is on 4 lanes and the area has been business-oriented for quite a while, this looks like a great place for a high-rise.

  • The traffic is fine at that intersection, but they need to adjust the corners so that Metro buses can actually turn there. It takes them a good 45 seconds to turn right onto Weslayan.

  • You’re kidding about traffic capacity, right?

    Please tell me you’re kidding.

    Alabama is a beat-up 3-lane street; I commuted up it for 7 years. It is maddening.
    As noted, busses can’t even execute a 3 pt. turn. I’ve waited 5 minutes on a single bus @ Weslayan…backing up, forward. repeat.

    Weslayan has seen dramatic development between 59 and w’heimer. The Richmond/Weslayan intersection, which these folks will use to FIGHT their way to 59 is already a joke at many times of the day. You can sit through 3-4 light changes routinely…at least.

    By all means, THIRTY-FIVE stories of new renters is a dandy use of this space. You Lynn Park/Highland Village folks lock up your kids; here comes more massive cut-through traffic en route to both Richmond and W’heimer/Galleria. You get to be the whipping boys again.

    Priority One – Enriching uncaring developers
    Priority Last – Traffic patterns, planning.

    Carry on.

  • Not sure about that particular AT&T buildings but many are windowless becasue they were nuke hardened.

    If you look closely on just about any AT&T building with (or used to have) the large microwave horn antannaes… you can see huge grills for air scrubbers and large generator exhausts.

    The ‘long line’ systems were designated doomsday communications in event of the worst case. In peacetime they carried long-distance phone calls.

  • Is there really that great of a market for high rise rentals in Houston? Anyone know whether Marvy Finger’s building by discovery green is full/making money?

    I know that it is easier to get financing for apartments because you don’t have to meet any pre-sale requirements. But, are there really that many people willing to spend as much for a 2 bedroom apartment as they would on a 2500 sq ft house in the burbs? I am just surprised to see the Ahby highrise go rental and then this place announcing a huge rental high rise.

  • Finger’s building is leased and at proforma rents, and, btw, PM Realty’s building is not the only apartments going up near that intersection…

  • One Park Place downtown has been a HUGE hit. Upper 90% occupancy and one of the highest, if not the highest, price per square foot rentals out there. Rumor has it that Hess signed such a big # of units for long term corporate leases that some folks who lived in the building were not able to renew their leases. Surprised somebody hasn’t announced another one downtown. Instead, we keep getting them displaced all over town.

  • “PM Realty’s building is not the only apartments going up near that intersection…”

    What else is going up?

  • Isn’t there one planned for Alabama & Shepherd?

  • There are about 26 rental projects planned and being constructed within central houston.

  • well, they say our population will keep growing…

  • “Old school: … Are there really that many people willing to spend as much for a 2 bedroom apartment as they would on a 2500 sq ft house in the burbs?”
    Yes. In Montrose, even an older 60’s garden style apartment complex will rent semi-updated, maybe central AC, onsite (not in apartment) washer/dryer, 2 bedroom units for ~$1000. That’ll get you a ‘real’ house all day long to rent in the burbs.
    Location is often viewed quite highly when deciding where to live.