A White Oak Terrace Villa Set in Stone and Then Some

A sun-baked mini-villa in White Oak Terrace that spent most of 2012 on the market is back from its winter break as a re-listing with a new agent. Same price, though: $250,000. Symmetrical on its street-side, the 2010-built home likes columns, arches, and contrasting color so much it used them outside and in, where dappled tile floors further styl-i-fy the somewhat open floor plan. The garage-free property is located off T.C. Jester a little south of W. Little York. Elsewhere on the street, which has a dead-end in the next block, mostly single-story homes in the little northwest neighborhood are either a decade old or well past 40.


In the foyer beyond the double-door front entry, miles of tile unfold, including an accent rug set-in-stone (above).  The space also incorporates a mind-boggling confluence of arcs and column capitals, stacked-step ceilings, and leaded-glass curlicues:

One flank off the entryway holds the dining room:

Its flip-side counterpart, a study-turned-hunting lodge, has a massive brick-front bar (sold separately and currently guarded by a mounted patrol).

Wainscot trim is one of many finishes repeating in just about every room:

Open to the main room, the island kitchen also has a dining area just beyond its half-height divider/breakfast bar:

Squiggly frets on the glass-front cabinets, a diamond-pattern backsplash, granite counter tops, and ornate wood carvings add just a touch more texture and pattern to the room’s visual medley:

The 2,186-sq.-ft. home has 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. Most of the already high ceilings include a recessed feature. In the listing, the master bedroom suite gets a lot of photos:

The walk-in shower stall, fully tiled, opted for a curtain entry in place of a glass door:

One of the secondary bedrooms has a closet with built-in storage that gets a shout-out in the listing:

Here’s the other bedroom:

The back of the home includes a porch with an above-the-fence view of what HCAD indicates are the facilities of the Vietnamese Redemptorist Mission. Mount Olive Baptist Church is also in the area, as is a Family Dollar store.

A gated driveway widens into a turning basin and parking area — doubling as a patio — at the back of the home.

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  • Take every single-story suburban home around Houston, add EVERY “design” add-on EVER and voila: this home!

  • Someone works for a stone company.

  • It reminds me of that SNL skit with Fred Armisen and Scarlett Johansson: “Nothing says classy like mah-ble cah-lumns!”

  • I you can’t afford to stage it properly, don’t just throw a sofa and a breakfast table into the space.

  • My eyes hurt just looking at the kitchen.

    And, all those floors, not very “inviting” in my opinion.

    I don’t go just all gushy over wood floors either but all tile, um, no, not at all.

  • I have to admit: I use to roll my eyes when people would comment about the overuse of HDR settings and distortingly wide angle lenses… Now I feel bad about doing so as this is a perfect example of wide angle and HDR being overdone to the point of comedy.