A Whitewashed Texas Junk Company Building Still Displays Its Texas Junk

Sure, the Texas Junk Company has decamped from its longtime spot at 215 Welch St. — and the building has been put up for lease. But even with a whitewashing the building still shows its recent provenance. Well — somewhat. The corner-hugging brick structure’s new coat of white paint, which appeared over the weekend, now covers over some of the painted signage, artwork, and uh, beauty marks that once festooned its façades. But not all. Carefully avoided by the painters and still visible on the structure are the Texas Junk Company sign and its accompanying snake mascot facing Welch St. (pictured above) and the cactus-and-mesa tableau on the Taft St. side:


Here’s how the building looked before this past weekend’s re-dressing:

Bob Novotney, the proprietor of the booted Texas Junk Company, has promised to open a new store in not-so-nearby Moulton, Texas.

Photos: MontroseResident (whitewashed); Texas Junk Company (original)

Releasing East Montrose

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  • My kids noticed it because they liked the cat that seem to say ‘Let’s talk Junk’! No more cat, my children were pissed, and hissed. :)

  • Hope all the delta bravos in their neighboring stucco monstrosities are happy that they’ve successfully paved over history for their poorly built crackerboxes. There was a time when this area was quaint and historical; now it’s worse than the Woodlands.