A Worn-Out Audubon Place Pioneer Braces for Impact

The yellow excavator pictured above showed up yesterday in the driveway behind 912 Marshall St., a roughly 100-year-old home that’s been empty since its previous owners moved out December, according to a neighbor. Its new owner, an entity known simply as Montrose & Marshall LLC, also holds the deed to the vacant third-of-an-acre field next door that ends at the corner of — as you might expect — Montrose Blvd. and Marshall St.

Formerly home to a lowrise building, the deserted lot more recently served as a parking lot and is now doing time as a grassy backdrop for Bacco’s Wine Garden’s boozy patio next door:


After the excavator does its thing at 912 Marshall, just under half an acre total will be left vacant from Montrose Blvd. back to the alley that runs east of the house:

Photos: Swamplot inbox

912 Marshall St.

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