Above the Galleria Whole Foods Hole

From an upper floor to the east, looking toward Downtown: Piers are in and some column rebar bundles are up already for the BLVD Place building fronting Post Oak Blvd. (the street just beyond the construction site in the photo). According to plans posted online, an underground parking level with room for 260 cars will fit below the 48,500-sq.-ft. Whole Foods Market, with more parking behind and above the grocery-store space on 2 additional levels. Also going into the building at the corner of San Felipe St.: other retail, restaurant, and office spaces.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • let’s hope someone eventually puts a decent grocery store around the midtown area….any area worth a crap at least has one within a mile or 2 and it’s vital for an area to grow and prosper..other than the joke that is Randalls and the Phoenicia Market downtown this area has nothing yet it has all the potential in the world to be walker friendly and cut down on the need for a car which would be a huge draw for so many

  • @Jen I think midtown has really been developing horribly. It should be a walkable neighborhood full of high and midrise residential and retail. Instead it’s filling up with strip centers and blocks of single family town homes.