Action on the Galleria Whole Foods Site

From a tall perch nearby, a reader sends Swamplot this shot of the future site of BLVD Place, where — it appears — site work has begun on the land slated to become the second phase of the mixed-use development, including the long-awaited Galleria Whole Foods Market and more than 150,000 sq. ft. of shops. The camera is pointed down San Felipe, looking east toward Post Oak. Here’s another view of the site from the south, from another reader:


The patchy, dirt-covered plot in the foreground visible just beyond the parking structure is the site of the recently demolished Pavilion at Post Oak (see photo here) — 6.4 acres from the middle of the BLVD Place development that Wulfe & Co. sold off to oil and gas exploration and production company Apache in May — and where Apache will likely build its own new office tower.

Photos: Swamplot inbox (from west); Beau Batterson (from south)

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  • was this where Eatzies was?

  • @Benny Cargill: Yes, this is where Eatzi’s was.

    I’ve been posting pictures and updates on this site for a while now over on HAIF. The dirt from the whole they are digging right now is being transported across the site and being used to fill in the hole left behind from the underground parking and underground movie theater at the Pavilion (which was demolished over the past two months). They’ve been working on this site for a while now. I’m surprised it took so long to show up on Swamplot.

  • I’m not surprised it took this long to show up at all.

  • I hope they bring back Eatzi’s or at least Hubbel & Hudson to the area. (now only available in the Woodlands)

  • Notice in the picture above the large Live Oak tree on the corner of Post Oak Lane and San Felipe – it wasn’t there a week ago. It looks as though it has always been there but that tree was rescued from the parking area behind the pavilion shops and craned over to its new location Saturday.

  • “down” San Felipe??? Oh, Gus, Gus, Gus.
    You mean “in along San Felipe”. “Down” is “South”, “Out” is West, “Up” is North, “In” is East. Or possibly, in this case, you were talking about the direction of the camera itself. I’ll accept “down along San Felipe, looking east towards Post Oak and into downtown.”

  • Usage of down and up is mixed. “Down” can mean “in the direction of decreasing street numbers”.

  • “In along…” Ok whatever Flake.
    On another note, should we refer to the Southwest Freeway as the “Down and Out” Freeway?