Adjusting the Rules for Historic Districts; High-Speed Rail’s Galleria-Only Hookup

Construction of Aura Memorial Apartments, Memorial Dr. Between Dairy Ashford and Eldridge Pkwy., Houston

Photo of Aura Memorial, on Memorial Dr. between Dairy Ashford and Eldridge Pkwy.: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I still have serious doubts about this high speed rail thing happening anytime in the near future, but there has definitely been a lot of press build-up lately, so who knows. I almost hope they do send it to the Galleria instead of Downtown just to force a light rail link between the two.

  • I love how Cite seems to have conceded that driverless-car-sharing opens up a realm of possibility for a radical transformation of urban form. (Totally agree!) I find it amusing, though, that they cling to the golden calf of walkabilty, though, as though walking as a practical form of transportation is anything other than a means to an ends rather than an ends unto itself.

  • Interesting that the high speed rail would connect to the Galleria Area. I wonder of the chairman of the Uptown Council sees the irony of this state of the art high speed rail hooking up to his buses along Post Oak. It’s like putting a trailer hitch on an Enzo Ferrari. I have no doubt this high speed link will get built to Dallas, I for one will use it a lot and once it makes the full triangle it will be hugely popular. It would be awesome to catch the rail to San Antonio for the weekend or for business in Dallas for the day. Hopefully this will facilitate finally getting light rail to the Galleria. I know so many people on the Westside that would love light rail. It’s a shame that a few people in Afton Oaks and one crank Rep. can completely scrap and entire line, arguably the most needed of all the lines. At this point all this high speed rail talk is just empty rhetoric, but still it holds promise.

  • I’m more amazed that Goro & Gun managed to stay open this long given it’s ridiculous prices + inconsistent food.

  • Downtown Dallas to Galleria area? What? The Neiman Marcus Express?

  • Goro & Gun was underwhelming when I checked it out my with my wife. Having lived in Japan, I’m always down for some delicious noodles. My bowl was pretty good, but my wife’s totally lacked flavor. The background music was both terrible and too loud. It doesn’t surprise me that it didn’t last.

  • I love that…(sarcastically)…the future high speed rail will go to the galleria. I just don’t understand this place at all. I love that Houston is becoming denser and all that comes with that but man oh man I just don’t understand how the decisions are made around here. I really think that we need a plan….Lets think beyond the next 5-10 years and into the next 20-50.

  • High speed rail needs to go downtown or else it’s worthless