Admiral Linen Leaving Montrose Location for Northwest Houston?

Will the recent purchase, a reader wants to know, of a 105,000-sq.-ft. building out near Spring Branch by Admiral Linen & Uniform Services mean anything for the company’s much-smaller headquarters at 2030 Kipling St.? Well, Admiral Linen isn’t available for comment.

The company closed just after Christmas on the building at 8020 Blankenship Dr., near Hempstead and Bingle. Since 1998, according to city records, it’s owned the three-building, 24,000-sq.-ft. headquarters a block west east of South Shepherd and directly behind the Randalls on Westheimer.


In addition to the offices pictured at the very top of the page, there are 2 other industrial buildings on Admiral Linen’s 63,000-sq.-ft. property, split down the middle by Kipling. The lot is bound by Harold, Marshall, Huldy, and McDuffie. Taken from Huldy St., the photo directly above looks at the building north of Kipling.

This photo looks at the building south of Kipling:

Photos: Allyn West

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  • There are fresh survey stakes all around the Kipling properties. I would guess they are taking their money and running. That would really clean up that area behind Randall’s. Plus, all those trucks that block most of the streets. That area is no longer suitable for industrial.

  • If they had been taxed as much as the surrounding single family homes in the area, they would have sold the Kipling property years ago. What a blight.

  • Turn your map around. The location is EAST of South Shepherd. Also, you failed to mention that the building in the second picture was a gay disco, Bayou Landing, for many years before Admiral acquired the building.

  • @Temple Houston: Fixed the bad directions. Thanks!

  • And before it was called Bayou Landing it was known as The Old Planatation back in the 70’s.

  • We can only hope Lane Equipment at Richmond and S. Shepherd is next. Their trucks cutting through on Colquitt have kept that street nothing but a pothole for 25 years.

  • Wasn’t it also Parade?

  • seeing their trucks speed around in the early morning hours will not be missed. good riddance, not a comapny that should be operating in this area anymore.

  • One of the buildings was the rock n’ roll Old Plantation in the early to mid ’70’s; then Frank Caven, the supposedly “connected” nighclub mogul out of Dallas (who used to own the Montrose Mining Co., JR’s and Heaven -now South Beach)turned it into the gay OP in the late ’70’s.Admiral leased the building to the club operators.According to real estate rumors, Admiral has bought the City of Houston recycling facility on Center St. in the south Heights(northeast of Washington Ave.& Heights Blvd.). We’ll see what actually happens. Of course a developer will buy the Montrose property and build hideous townhouses!!!

  • Thank God for Admiral Linen. I live right by them on Kipling. If they leave, my sky is gone. Another high rise will go up. If that happens say adios to the sky, the sun, my sun-loving plants and my quaint neighborhood and hello to another TALL high rise in the neighborhood. I love you Admiral Linen! Stay and don’t ever sell!