Agora Cafe on Westheimer: The Phoenix Has Flown the Coop

That phoenix carefully painted only a week and a half ago onto the side of the Agora Cafe at 1712 Westheimer near Dunlavy is now gone, reports the camera of Swamplot photographer Candace Garcia. Agora and the Antique Warehaus that used to be next door donned extremely realistic fire costumes for this past Halloween. In place of the firebird, which onlookers took as a sign the cafe might soon reopen: A new sign for the cafe itself, probably a clearer indication. It looks like more paint has found its way to the front of the Montrose hotspot too:


A pic of the departed bird, from earlier this month:

Where’s it flown off to?

Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • So, what’s the scoop… who burnt it?

  • VERY good news. Nice place.

    They need to replace that heavy landscaping (trees, vines, etc.) in front, which was a great buffer and very attractive. I’m sure they will.

    The dude who runs this place is very particular, to his credit. I remember talking w/him a couple of years ago when he was AGONIZING over whether his new ceiling fan was the correct choice. HE CARES.

    Good for Agora. Hurry back.

  • markd – last i heard, it was not arson, but an accidental fire at the old antique shop next door…(could be wrong)

  • Lit cigarette thrown from the balcony landed on something flammable? Is it a possibility?

  • “The dude who runs this place is very particular” isn’t the word. When they first opened I used to go there to watch some friends belly dance. After a few weeks he asked them to not bring certain girls back because they were too chubby …

  • It had been raining off and on all day and into the night. More likely, bad electrical in the junk shop.