Alamo Banana House: Who Says You Can’t Lease It All?

The orange Spanish Colonial-style house that famously fronts the I-10 west onramp from I-45 south is now available for lease. The address is 1215 Wrightwood, adjacent to Woodland Park. Reports our cameraphone-wielding correspondent:

Nonrestricted commercial. Comes complete with I-45 freeway frontage, double lot, two flagpoles, windmill, Adickes banana, colossal concrete rooster, and giant cross.

The “patriotic paint job” on the David Adickes banana sculpture “was created in honor of the Super Bowl here a few years back,” our correspondent notes.

Another view:


Not shown, but also on the property, on its own concrete pedestal:

A giant statue of a rooster. (It is similar to the giant rooster atop the Raven Tower on the other side of 45, and to the red-painted giant rooster at the new [BRC Gastropub] on Shepherd. What is the deal with the Giant Roosters of Houston?)

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • there are two 6 foot cocks on the property that spin in the wind. One near the fence and one further back, towards rear fence.

  • The Raven Tower weathervane rooster also spins. Ah, yes, the Spinning Cocks of 77009. We love our zip code.

  • So how much of rent will this house of cocks fetch?