Aldi Is Making Its Move into the Garden Oaks Shopping Center

A just-issued building permit indicates Aldi is now on its way to the north end of the Garden Oaks Shopping Center, pictured above, where it’ll occupy the spot formerly home to Yoga Collective — plus a little extra room the developer’s adding on to help it fit into the 95,046-sq.-ft. building. Before it arrives, exterior renovations will also make over the outer face of the strip.

Other comings and goings in the building just north of the North Loop: Life Savers 24-hour Emergency Room is taking over 6,300 sq.-ft., and Dollar Tree is due to relocate from its current spot in the main strip to the new freestanding building marked yellow in the site plan above.

Photo and site plan: Hartman

3938 N. Shepherd

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  • Brings back memories. Way back in the 90’s, I used to go to a Bally’s gym in that shopping center. Those were the days.

  • We used to go the the very small J.C. Penney store that was in the northern end of the strip in the late ’70s/early ’80s.

  • Geez. The dollar store just moved into the current location this summer. Do they think moving to their own building will make them fancier?

  • can we get a Trader Joe’s in the hood?

  • can we get a Sprouts in da hood

  • Dollar Tree moving doesn’t make much sense. They *just* moved into the main strip a couple of months ago (and the outbuilding seems to have been done for the same amount of time), and I would guess that their current space is larger than the outbuilding, as well as easier to stock. I could be wrong on the sizes, though.

    The remodeling of the center (not seen in the photo used in the article) seemed to focus on the central location of the Dollar Tree with a taller facade. If they are moving, what will go in there?

  • Personally, I wish Houston Yoga Collective was still in that space. :-(

  • I love shopping at Aldi’s and I live in Garden Oaks Area, hope it goes up soon

  • Y’ain’t making America Great Again by shopping at Dollar Tree and buying all their Chinese-made, cheap ass shit. C’mon GOOF, you’re better than that.