Alexan Memorial Apartments Are Heading to Rice Military

ALEXAN MEMORIAL APARTMENTS ARE HEADING TO RICE MILITARY A group linked to Dallas developer Trammell Crow recently filed plans with Houston’s planning commission to prep the shaded 2.5-acre parcel shown on the map between Sandman and the dead end of Reinerman St. for new apartments under the Alexan name. The complex would be backed by a ramp that diverges from the north side of Memorial Dr. and neighbored by a 3-story building that forms part of the DePelchin Children’s Center’s main Houston campus. Ordered off the site to make way for the new construction: some parking for the adjacent adoption and foster care center and a vacant, H-shaped office building to the west. Map: Houston Planning Commission

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  • I hope this is not the Hillside condominiums.

  • @chifafa. It is not Hillside–it’s the abandoned DePelchin building directly to the east.

  • I always liked to go to that site with the dog in the winter; not sure why, but because of the slope, mixed with the cold air, it made me feel that I was not in Houston. It was not a well known location unless you lived in the neighborhood, though I did not. Others also played with their dogs there. Another cool hidden spot bites the dust.

  • Any idea how many stories it will be?

  • This makes me feel sad because I will no longer feel like I’m living in a neighborhood
    The traffic will be awful

  • Hopefully they will use a real address, and not 201 Shepherd Dr., because it won’t be on Shepherd.

  • How many stories tall will this new apartment building be?

  • So DePelchin did what it swore it would never do, and sold that land. Those 150-year-old streets won’t support that kind of traffic. It’s going to be awful in that quiet neighborhood.

  • That is all we need is another apartment building in Houston. Seriously, we have enough! Stop with all the construction,noise and traffic.