Alexis and Hunter Pence’s Eastwood Gamer Cafe Looking Ready for Swordplay

Replica weaponry is now up on the white brick building at 1318 Telephone Rd. ahead of coffee shop Coral Sword’s planned opening in the space next month. Backed by former Houston Astro and self-professed video- and board-gamer Hunter Pence along with his wife Alexis, the venue will include communal gaming areas, a private podcast and game session recording booth, and “a membership driven co-gaming space.” Record and book store Wired Up closed down in the building last year, and renovations have been underway on the space since last month. The photo at top shows Coral Sword’s main entrance and storefront window to the right of it.

The cafe will share the building with East End Barber, which takes up the southeast portion of the structure. Below, you can see the barber shop’s sign on the corner of Telephone and Fourcade St.:


Coral Sword plans to move into the storefront between the 2 murals.

A glance through the window shows the cafe’s interior, now mostly unpacked:

A TABC notice posted in the window points out that Coral Sword applied for a permit back in September.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

Waiting on Deck

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  • So glad that it is in “Eastwood” or “East End” and not EADO! The neighborhoods in what used to be called the East End have a long history and to be lumped into “EADO'” is sad.

  • Neat concept. If they can market well to the growing e-sport and off-brand sports group (rugby, etc), it could be a staple for the area.

  • This is going to be great for EADO! (hehe)