Alief Home of Intensive Interior Gardening Returns to Market Houseplant-Free

Interior, 13630 San Martin Ln., Pheasant Trace Village, Houston

13630 San Martin Ln., Pheasant Trace Village, Alief, HoustonLast May, photos of what appeared to be an intensive indoor plant-growing operation appeared with the MLS listing for the 1992 5-bedroom home at 13630 San Martin Ln. in the Alief-area neighborhood of Pheasant Trace Village. All horticultural-themed photos were removed from the listing, however, after one of the images (above) was featured on Swamplot. The home sold in October for $125,000 — $10,000 above its asking price.

After a “remodeling from top to bottom,” according to a new listing, the new owners have placed the property back on the market, with nary a hint as to what may or may not have been photosynthesizing inside previously under the stares of all those grow lights. New AC units and coils come with the property now too. Offered for lease at $1,995 a month, or for sale for a quick $219K.

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  • Hydroponics?

  • Cleaned up nicely. Might still be a little high.

  • Chances are given the humidity there is mold in the walls, vents, attic etc. Not to mention the omnipresent scent of pine trees and skunk..

  • The value was much higher with the weed.

  • What? that’s how it’s left?
    Probably seeds about…

  • If they get a $2k/month renter than it makes a good investment property to buy about $200k. You’d easily pay your note and get a good return on your down payment. All while getting some tax advantages and someone paying off your loan.

    The best way to get $200k sales price is to get a $2k renter and find someone looking for an investment property and who doesn’t know or care what/where “Alief” is.

  • Yea, rent in that neighborhood is no where near that high. Renting that place out is what got it trouble in the first place I am sure.