All Patio, No Patio Home in Cottage Grove

ALL PATIO, NO PATIO HOME IN COTTAGE GROVE A reader writes: “Any news ever come down the pike about the huge empty lot on the Northeast corner of Larkin and Arabelle? It’s been empty for years, and all I’ve ever seen done is occasional mowing. . . . When I first moved into the neighborhood in 2006, there used to be an old blue shack house and the rumor was it was a brothel. But it was knocked down (I THINK in 2007 or 2008?) and goes from overgrown grass forest to freshly mown about once every 3 months. I could have sworn there was a real estate agency sign on that fence before, which was what I thought that No Trespassing sign was from afar, but it seems to be gone now. The other weird things is that they are CONSTANTLY building new patio homes in the area. . . . 3 more just went up a few doors down on Larkin street. But this land . . . just sits.Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • That blue shack was no brothel! Well not its first use at least. It was a meth lab with many “visitors” and home of “mr clean” who used to walk the streets of cottage grove detailing cars with products out of his grocery cart.

    The shack also doubled as the storage area for the Ed Nutter Billard Experts just down Larkin heading west.

    You might swing by Ed’s and ask him whats up with the land.

  • Per public record, it sold in June to Schwab Design Builders.

  • The property has been purchased by a builder and will soon go under construction.

  • The new owner better do a THOROUGH environmental clean up of that property. Cause if it was a meth lab, the residue chemicals last for YEARS. I used to work for a law firm that litigated the EPA Brio Superfund Toxic dump site case ( several subdivisions were built OVER the dump pits off Dixie Farm Rd & I-45 South); the chemicals that seethe into our air,land & water are scary.

  • @Godzilla, are there any guarantees that they will be made to do so? Any records that can be checked?

  • Cottage Grove must be renamed. I like “three stories and loving it”, “look at these stairstepper legs” or “poor man’s rice military”

  • You say “poor man’s rice military.” You may find it interesting that our neighbor has several lease homes in Rice Military bought when values were still in the $300s. Cottage Grove is their new investment area, and they’re (neighbors) predicting the same. Haters of three story town homes gonna hate. Perhaps you should have said “smart person’s rice military,” since not too long ago RM was just like CG.

  • Maybe the groundwater is contaminated like the place up on Hurst St. Or maybe my my mind jumped to that because we just received the MSD notice in the mail and I assume the whole neighborhood is contaminated.
    Now, if someone could please tell me what those huge piles of rock & loud machinery are doing out in the field on Kansas St., that’d be great.
    And another thing: what’s with the construction on Washington/Hempstead?
    Did I just turn into an old man? Better get off my lawn, just to be on the safe side.

  • I see a big difference in CG and RM as a passer-thru. You don’t see businesses, old-timey industrial buildings, or neighborhood bar hangouts in RM. Ok, one on the edge. This didn’t happen overnight. They never were there. Someone made sure of that long ago. Two things they do have are CURBS and a nice elementary school. RM was NOT just like CG,and those businesses in CG aren’t going away in time for all the builders to create a RM environment. Many of the newer town homes are already run-down. Just my observation.

  • The huge rocks on Kansas and noise is the second phase of Lake Arabelle. Its part of InTown Homes. The houses are now starting at $439k and go up to $550k. Cohn will be expanded to go north through that section.

  • @ Matt,
    you are funny

  • Actually, the newer parts have curbs, sidewalks, upcoming dog park, pool, alleys, gated access, etc. Granted, some of the townhomes look worn already, but there are some really nice ones already being built.

  • I drove past Cottage Grove a few years ago, and there was a sign “New houses on Larkin, Memorial Park area”. Riiiiight. Memorial Park Area, if you exclude the 10 lanes of freeway and such. Cottage Grove has improved a lot. I haven’t heard gunfire from over there for a couple of years. I suspect that’s where the .45 bullet the inspector found embedded in our roof came from.

  • I drove thru and saw the “lake” today. What in the heck is that and where did it come from? It looks like it’s an upside-down Mayan pyramid. It must be a detention pond or a retention pond. It looks like subsidence from a big flood like Allison or Ike would send those walls crumbling down, bringing the houses with them. Hmm, I just think it looks very strange. Check out the pics on HAR. LAKE ARABELLE.
    I will admit, though, there aren’t even any cute bungalows (I’m sure there’s one) in that neighborhood. It all needs to go.

  • Like anything, you have to give things time to grow. Also, it’s a detention pond – required by the city. I’d rather have that then get flooded…oh wait, shouldn’t be an issue with the Hummer driving dbags off Washington and RM area. I just find it funny how anything new being built is never as good as the “old days” of building. Yet those houses are condemned, have molding, need to be gutted out, but who cares…it has soul. LOL. Reminds me of the same people who say I only buy American cars, yet they have no idea most of those parts are Japanese and that the foreign cars employee more Americans since they’re built in the state. But I digress, did you notice the cubs and sidewalks or were you blinded by the good ol days?

  • It is a vacant lot, so what is the story? Houston is full of vacant lots near downtown. The funny thing is that many poorly educated buyers have snapped up small, tall ugly stucco boxes built four to a 5,000 square foot lot thinking they got a great buy paying $250,000 and up. I would suggest these same people drive through the Northline neighborhoods, East End or even The Heights where homes are in the same range or less and here is the kicker, THEY ARE PRICED THE SAME ON A FULL SIZE LOT! I know what you are thinking…you are thinking, “Yes, but my home is in a better area, new or within walking distance to Memorial Park…” OK, location is a part of pricing, but how often do you walk to that park and crime happens all over Houston, so is your location really that special or did you get taken for the biggest real estate joke in history. In 30 years those homes four and more to a lot will not be worth twice what you paid for it people, prices are at a breaking point, that is part of the reason the bubble burst, which is going to leave many of you in a trendy property that is no longer in style going forward. Also there was a mention that the vacant lot once had a brothel in the home that was there….. If you see things like this people, CALL THE POLICE! GROW UP AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS AND STOP THE BS GOSSIP!

  • Well damn, hope I can make at least $50 when I sell my place.
    …I still don’t know why Washington St north of I-10 is torn up.
    *shuffles off to Kountry Kitchen for 4pm dinner*

  • Whether your preference is for new construction or restoring older bungalows (which both options in my opinion have merit), there are several incorrect statements in this thread. First of all subsidence is used in the wrong context. Subsidence is the sinking of the land. For instance, in the Houston area this can be caused by the withdrawal of groundwater which causes Houston to subside. Generally, without development Houston would be a swamp, so it is problematic if we monkey with the City’s elevation. This issue is the key driving factor in many areas for the conversion to surface water. The City of Houston already utilizes surface water. However, subsidence does not come “from a big flood like Allison or Ike”. Further, the entirety of Cottage Grove is located in a flood plain. You are correct in indicating that the lake in Lake Arabelle is a detention pond. However, that “upside-down Mayan pyramid” is assisting justify to FEMA that the subdivision should be removed from the flood plain, and it is currently projected that they will remove it. That is vitally important for the entire neighborhood, as it means that flood insurance will no longer be required for the homeowners not only in the three or four story townhomes, but the small homes as well. While I would advise that people in that area maintain flood insurance anyway, the premiums will decrease dramatically upon the reclassification. Further, the detention pond decreases the flooding the neighborhood has experienced in the past at no cost to the bungalow owners. While the new construction may not be your favorite aesthetically, it will be saving the other homeowners money and improving their home values.

  • Poor mans rice military.. ROFL! We bought in Lake Arabelle for half a million. So, I resent that comment.

  • So, it’s been months and still no progress. They just mowed the overgrown grass again yesterday. And there’s seems to be a new “For Sale” sign up. “SS” any update on what you knew about the builder (comment #3)?

  • A full year has passed since this was posted, and NOW they are finally breaking ground here!