Allen Stanford’s Uptown Stagecraft

ALLEN STANFORD’S UPTOWN STAGECRAFT “The place was always odd. There was always more elegance, more shine . . . and yet there weren’t always people to fill the desks. There was more real estate than people. There was just such pomp. It felt like 1955, the way people were dressed and were ushered in and offered coffee in fine china. They had a private dining room — everything was over the top . . . and you’re like, OK, maybe some of these enterprises are making some money. In retrospect, it was like a Hollywood town. It was like the front, but if you peek around the back, it’s just two-by-fours holding it up.” — Houston videographer Dave Henry, who plans to craft a documentary using footage he created for the Stanford Financial Group, describing the company’s former headquarters on Westheimer. [Houston Business Journal; previously on Swamplot] Still: Magpie River Films

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  • Hope you’ve got the copyright to the footage. It would be a shame to go through the entire process only to find out Stanford (the client) owns the rights and refuses to grant reuse permission. I’m just sayin…

  • I hope the marketplace realizes that Stanford, Madoff and their (remarkable!) ilk are narcissists and not a good bet.

  • Thinking of Stanford’s Westheimer office…wasn’t Stanford the jackass that clear cut the stand of beautiful oak trees just outside his Westheimer office that wasn’t even on his property? Forget about the lost $ billions in this ponzi scheme think about the trees!!!