Allen’s Landing Brewing in a Metal Building in Oak Forest

Future Home of Allen's Landing Brewing Company, 3540 Oak Forest Dr., Oak Forest, Houston

Does beer taste better in glass or metal containers? The draught beers of a new craft brewery will soon be bubbling in yet another cleaned-up metal structure in Houston — this one the former Fredrick’s Auto Repair in the southern edge of Oak Forest. 3540 Oak Forest Dr. will soon be home to the brand-new Allen’s Landing Brewing Company, the company announced on its Facebook page.

Photo: Allen’s Landing Brewing Co.

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  • Auto repair shops used to be rather toxic environments. I wonder how this building was cleaned up and tested as being safe for producing a comestible like beer.

  • Next to Oak Forest Chill and across from the new Fisher Homes patio home devlopment (something like 44 units are planned). Judiway and Oak Forest is going to get even crazier during school pick up/drop off hours!

    Is anything going on with the homeschool supply store on Judiway and Oak Forest? I think they’re closed, or maybe it just looks like they are.

  • Has anyone lately been by the building in Montrose where “Big Alex”, the telephone sculpture, resides? I walked past a couple of nights ago across the street, and saw a sign on the building for a TABC permit. I didn’t cross to look, but I could have sworn the name included the word “brewery.” If nobody is in the area, I’ll try to make it a point to check it out this weekend.

  • Gisgo: What do you think would still be there and how would it get into the beer?

  • Welcome 2 The Hood!!

  • How many really KNOW where their libations come from?