Almost All Clear on CityCentre’s Northern Front

The 3 office buildings that stood on the block bounded Town & Country Blvd., Town & Country, Ln., Town & Country Way, and the Katy Fwy. eastbound feeder road just north of CityCentre are all cleared now, a reader reports. Except, that is, for the underground parking garage below the concrete — and its liquid contents. The closeup view above, taken from the office building known as CityCentre Five, shows the water level this week at the lower reaches of the entrance ramp. Think it’ll be easy to drain? Take a close look at the concrete surface and you’ll see evidence of previous efforts:


After the garage flooded on Tax Day last year, a tank truck attempting to pump out the water ended up falling through the concrete surface. The new patch of concrete (shown here astride the accessible parking spaces in a closeup of the top photo) now marks the spot.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

All Over, Except for the Garage Water