Alta West Gray Midrise Debuts in Montrose; Vallone’s Steakhouse Exits Gateway Memorial City

Photo of Galveston on Memorial Day weekend: Ruben S. via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Amazes me that the 299 W Gray is finished in less than a year while the buildings two blocks east are going on 2 years and no sign of being done.

  • 94% Vacancy! AMAZONNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Re: Nearly $5B for Flood Mitigation Projects To Reach Harris County Before First Anniversary of Harvey

    “Nearly $4 billion will go towards a coastal spine to protect the region from a storm surge.” Not mentioned is that this ‘coastal spine’ is located just west of the Louisiana border and protects Orange, Beaumont and Port Authur ….. NOT HARRIS COUNTY or any of the surrounding areas hit by Harvey. More misdirection and fake news out of the Republican Party who could care less about the area, but only look to protect those area that consistently vote for them. To hell with Houston/Galveston

  • If Houston had a 94% retail vacancy rate we would all be in a world of hurt. Surely the HBJ author meant to say 94% OCCUPANCY rate! The article and accompanying graphic highlight the demand for retail space and say that the “market’s vacancy rate is…comfortably tight…” And goes on to say that, “our developers are not overdeveloping…”

  • @GlenW – More like three years, maybe even more. And they’re not even done with the exterior. I’m wondering how long before they declare bankruptcy, and leave 4th Ward with an eyesore of a half-complete building, plus a public street permanently closed?
    At least it appears they’ve got another variance request in, for something they already built but apparently didn’t bother checking with the permit department on.

  • Re: Nearly $5B in Flood Mitigation Projects to Reach Harris County (before bond election)
    It is nice to see that the obstructionist John Culberson is “making it rain” money in time for his re-election, especially when he’s sweating an upsurge in his district. But, as has been noted, the coastal spine money doesn’t help OUR county.
    Culberson’s statement to “complete every federally authorized flood project…at full federal expense” is another indication that he’s willing to spend your tax dollars heavily to preserve his job.