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  • I’ve never seen a street address of “00” before.

    Also, I’ve never seen so much wood paneling.

  • I got a little dizzy looking at the interior pics of this place, if the TV show Bonanza threw up, I would imagine it would pretty much look like this….

  • Inasmuch as it is sitting on umpteen acres in a pastoral setting, and is equipped for livestock, the home and its decor are entirely appropriate. Folks in Alvin don’t give a hoot about us big city snarkies.

  • It looks like Liberace…wait…oops…that doesn’t apply here.

  • It’s yeeee-hawrrible.

  • What kind of critter is that big cage for?

  • This is what a house should be–a perfect expression of the passions of its owner. It ignores the boring, ubiquitous, personality-flattening standards that are suggested by the phrase “good taste.” Will this appeal to potential buyers? Who knows? But I love it.

  • @heyzeus, here’s the background on the address.

    “Buckshot size is designated actual diameter or (traditionally) by number, with smaller numbers being larger shot; sizes larger than “0” (“aught”) are designated by multiple zeros. “00” (“double-aught”) is the most commonly used size.”


  • @heyzeus…I don’t see any wood paneling, which I am warmly wrapped in every day in my 1978-built Kickerillo palace. Some exposed rafters, yes. Wood paneling…nsm.

    By the way…it’s clear that a badass lives at this house. Possibly Chuck Norris.

  • There’s something to be said for a consistent theme…