Amazon Mails Area Goat Cheese Ranch a Part of Kentucky Warehouse; Now Wants It Back


A few days ago Jay Roussel went on Amazon and ordered a copy of Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?: The Epic Saga of the Bird that Powers Civilization for his friends Christian and Lisa Seger at Blue Heron Farm in Field Store, TX, about 45 miles northwest of Houston. When Lisa Seger opened the slapped-together-looking and poorly-taped package, she found no poultry tome, but rather a mysterious and heavy green cylinder. A mini-monolith of sorts.

As reported on the Blue Heron Facebook page, Christian Seger said, “This appears to be part of Amazon. Like, literally, part of Amazon. Part of the belt from the warehouse.”


blue-heron-spoiled-goatsAnd so, later, it was positively identified to be. Meanwhile Roussel contacted Amazon about getting the chicken tome re-sent to the Segers, but was informed that they would not do so until the factory component was returned to them. Or Roussel could just buy and ship another copy of the book, which is what he did. “There is an option [on the website] to say that you got the wrong item,” Roussel tells Swamplot via email, “but not one to say that the item I got was clearly completely random. If my friends didn’t send the roller back, I would essentially be charged for the item twice (at least that’s how I read it). And another friend said that if I called them, he’s quite sure that they would have cleared it up in their system… Just not a prompt on the website to handle such an odd case.”

Photos: Blue Heron/Facebook (roller); Houston Dairymaids/Felix Sanchez (sign)

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