AmREIT Takeover Approved; Bringing Gino’s East to Houston

dolce living on west gray

Photo of Dolce Living construction on West Gray: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • i’d like to see newer articles start noting that the jobs boom is already over and at this point it’s just the construction industry finishing off contractual commitments before we wrap it up and call the show over. past this it’s only retail & service sectors jobs growing which have a negligible impact on the overall economy anyhow due to the large supply of non-workers in the population and readily available labor.
    i’m not calling a downturn or anything here, but with drilling activity in the gulf starting to ease up (see hercules note this morning about cutting personnel) and falling oil prices barring new onshore fields from starting up i’m not seeing any way for current growth trends to continue. fed pulling out of buying bonds will start hitting mortgage rates and drying up the cash closings that have helped stoked the fire as well so will be interesting to see if any slack appears in the market in the coming year.

  • I’ve got to agree with joel. All of Houston’s most relevant leading indicators (both domestic and global) are terrible right now and nobody wants to admit it publicly without attempting to rationalize it away. That’s how it was leading up to the last recession, too, except that this time the energy sector is unlikely to be spared the hurt.