An Aberdeen Trails Fruit and Flower Fantasy

Clearly, the kitchen is the highlight of this freshly listed 4-bedroom in the Copperfield area near 290 and Hwy. 6. There, the decor’s twin themes of fruit and flowers are blended and stirred:


But there’s plenty more florid bounty to go around. Greeting you behind the front door . . .

. . . and spread throughout. Who’s that hiding behind the plant?

C’mon out and take a bow!

The 3,018-sq.-ft. home was built in 1992. Asking price: $219,500.

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  • These homeowners apparently went to every home decor party in the area and bought EVERYTHING.

  • Garden Ridge Expolosion! They might need an intervention or a bigger house for more faux greenery.

    everyone to their own taste …

  • I found Waldo, he’s hiding in pic 13

  • I was thinking Hobby Lobby had a sale.

    And the King Tut coffin? And another Tut in stone (or fake stone), plus a bust of the boy king, what’s up with all that?

    It certainly is colorful though.

  • Looking at these pics, I believe I actually SMELL that Hobby Lobby/Garden Ridge/candle shoppe overwhelming melange of cinnamon, evergreens and vanilla. It’s like Christams and nausea at the same time.

  • Is that a freaking Mummy in the office? I think we found where Ken Lay has been hiding.

  • Someone in the family should have held an intervention LONG before this point. And where the hell is the realtor in all of this?

  • Oh my, what a vomitously overdone suburban swankienda…as young Master Brooke Smith observes, “there’s too much flair.”

  • Shouldn’t take much to get rid of all that junk, and made this house into a decent home. A dumpster and interior paint job is all that’s needed.

  • Presumably, most of that stuff will be carried out to a moving truck once the house sells (if that happens), and the new owner can put their own vision in place.

  • No, nothing to say.

  • Kirkland’s warehouse west. And I’m betting that the plaster pig’s name is Hamlet.

  • I guess this homeowner never heard van der Rohe’s phrase, “less is more”. This house subscribes to “more is more”.

  • Familiar with the area and it’s inhabitants. This screams Cajun sophistication.

  • @Chris

    What makes you say that?

  • It really is an attractive house, but the decorations are so…busy. My mother’s house looks like this. I keep thinking “if she’d just spend $500 on one nice piece of art instead of $10 each on 50 pieces of ‘decor’, it would be so much better,” but you can’t say anything, and even if you did, it wouldn’t sink in. At least it’s all easily removed.

  • There is a ‘bordello’ quality about the interior design.

  • everyone knows about Hobby Lobby’s buy one get one free coupons, right?