An Alamo Drafthouse at SculpturWorx? Not So Fast

According to an unattributed report published today on Culturemap, beer-and-movie pioneer Alamo Drafthouse plans to open its second third Houston-area location at 2500 Summer St. off Sawyer in the First Ward, in David Adickes’s former SculpturWorx compound. But a spokesperson for the movie theater’s owners would neither confirm nor deny the plans either to Culturemap or the Chronicle. And Phil Arnett — who with partner L.E. “ Chap” Chapman announced plans last year to buy and redevelop the 3-building, 3-acre compound and convert portions of it into commercial space — tells Swamplot there’s “nothing definitive” about any Alamo Drafthouse plans. Representatives of Triple Tap Ventures, the theater’s parent company, did look at the space, but nothing’s come of it yet, Arnett says.


Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • Ah, but would this not be third Houston area location?

    I have noticed recently that the Mason Rd. location has developed an unusual and persistent odor. Sort of like the couch my buddy had on his back porch in Austin in 1986.

  • Why not a warehouse in Eado?

  • The West Oaks location is not long for this world once they finish the new AMC/Cinamark/Edwards theatre there, so a new Alamo drafthouse will soon need to appear to keep it Houston presence (the Mason one is not really Houston).

  • I pray they open an Alamo Drafthouse in this location. The Target is one of the highest grossing Targets in the state, and the apartments next door have been fully occupied for years. I think this would be a fantastic addition to the neighborhood and would only breed success.

  • Does anyone know why David Adickes moved to Huntsville? Will any of his work stay here?