An Astrodome-Themed Taproom Opens in the East End; Not Enough Love for Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill

san jacinto river

Photo of San Jacinto River: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I could’ve told the owners of Toby Keith’s when they were performing due diligence that this was a poor location. What were they thinking putting it in a dead mall? Did they think the Asian community and gang bangers of Alief would want to go there?

  • lol @ the Toby Bar/Grill.. $180k in PLUMBING COSTS? wtf. that cant’ be right (except it was a quote FROM the plumber). The plumber is still owed $35k, but something tells me he still did okay on that deal….

  • They had plumbers, they had contractors
    Banking fools and suckers
    They were hustlers, not really fighters
    Neither early birds or all-nighters
    And the local news reports near and far
    Hmm, hmm, hmm noone loved this bar

  • I can definitely see an Astrodome themed bar doing well.
    But go all the way!! The architecture should be y’know a DOME!
    Add touch/interactive screens playing videos of awesome events at the DOME
    and orange striped stadium seats bought at the DOME auction….

  • Re: Snap kitchen

    Article says they will be opening one in the “Museum District,” which is a “food-deprived landscape.”

    I googled to find the exact location – it will be at the former Dirk’s Coffee, 4005 Montrose (north of Richmond).

    1. I would argue that this store is an addition to “Montrose,” not the “Museum District.”

    2. Since when is that stretch of Montrose considered a restaurant-less area? Montrose is lined with restaurants there, and has been for years. For those of us who actually live near the museums to the south and east, that was where we used to drive to go out to eat because there were no options closer by.

  • At least Toby Keith and Kenny Rogers (former owner of Kenny Rogers Roasters) will have something in common to talk about at the next CMA awards. If I was a star and my manager came up with the idea to put my name on any business, I’d fire him on the spot. If I were the property owner, I would at least go to Fast Signs and get a banner made that said “FAILED VENTURE” and put it on the building right after the “I (heart) this …” on the sign.

  • Superdave – another addition to the misnomer phenomenon going on in Houston and its environs (at least it is closer to the museum district than the former Strake Camp is to Central Park. . .)