An Early Peek at the Galleria’s New Saks Fifth Avenue Space and the Restaurant Inside

51Fifteen, 5115 Westheimer, Galleria, Houston, 77056

While you’re waiting for that Galleria redo to wrap up, renderings have been released of the new home of 51Fifteen, the upscale bistro tucked into the existing Saks Fifth Avenue location along with its sister bar Bar 12 (currently located “amidst the men’s fashion selections”). The restaurant will follow Saks 5th Avenue to its new home, landing in its own swanky new space designed by the Contour Interior Design folks. The restaurant’s website is now booking events at the new location for dates as soon as April 2016.

Here’s a rendering from Beck Architecture of the new Saks building’s boxy exterior, slated for the spot where the Galleria III used to be:


Rendering of New Saks 5th Ave., 5115 Westheimer Rd., Galleria, Houston, 77069

The buildout of the restaurant is being done by Construction Concepts, which built out the previous 51Fifteen space as well:

51Fifteen, 5115 Westheimer, Galleria, Houston, 77056

51Fifteen, 5115 Westheimer, Galleria, Houston, 77056

51Fifteen, 5115 Westheimer, Galleria, Houston, 77056

51Fifteen, 5115 Westheimer, Galleria, Houston, 77056

Renderings: Contour Interior Design (51Fifteen), Beck Architecture (Saks 5th Avenue)


51Fifteen at 5115

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  • Yawn …..
    What a bore.

  • Does this mean they’re getting rid of the bar in the men’s department? Because that was inspired.

  • Money-soaked project these days look like sets from the most recent Great Gatsby movie – geometric, gold, & baroque.

  • This should have been tagged 77056, not 77069

  • Thanks, Dave! It’s been fixed.

  • Oh, Yeah!!! More monochromatic gray! PLEASE STOP IT ALREADY!!!! It is possible to do a modern space with COLORS. There are lots of them. The guy at Sherwin Williams can even mix up a special color just for you! Colors make people happy. Houston is a colorful town. They skies are usually blue. The live oaks stay green in the winter. Azaleas, wild flowers, oleanders and crepe myrtles color our city throughout the warm months. Our interior design should not be inspired by landscapes that are above the arctic circle. Houston is a dynamic, multicultural city. We do not have to snap into line with the latest design fad. We can do better. Please. Just try it. One time. That is all I am asking.

  • @Old School, agree but vee vant zee inert shoppers. Go ahead, you can touch my monkey.

  • Why are the napkins hanging from the ceiling?

  • Another generic attempt at post modern design. The pods/flowers hanging from the ceiling resemble vaginas…I guess Saks is subtly acknowledging its primary clientele.

  • Parking in the galleria sucks. Endless circling for a spot has made that whole area a place I avoid. I drive to the outlet malls on the edge of the world rather than enter the galleria if a store is in both locations.

  • In fairness, I would imagine that Saks Fifth Avenue understands their customer base quite well and is catering to them. True, there’s nothing about this restaurant that looks like it would ever contain my idea of a fun time, but that’s not the point. If they care at all about what MY opinion is then they’re doing it wrong.

  • I am customer at Saks, I even have a Saks charge card, so I’m this customer that commenter is talking about and I think this building is hideous. Perhaps that makes my opinion more valid? I guess you must shop at Saks to have an opinion. So check.