An Implosive Ending Next to Southampton’s House of Explosives

Today is teardown day at Andrew Schneck’s neighbor’s house, pictured above at 2021 Albans Rd. Schneck, a resident of 2025 Albans, was sentenced to 6 and a half years in prison last month after admitting he tried to blow up the marble statue of Dick Dowling in Hermann Park using homemade explosives he stored in his Southampton house. During the federal raid of his house last year, members of the surrounding neighborhood — including those next door — were evacuated so that FBI and ATF officials could dispose of the “significant amount of material” they found inside through “controlled detonations” — which they warned could potentially cause damage to nearby structures. A blue tent set up on Schneck’s lawn — just off camera to the right — functioned as their staging area.

Photo: Swamplox inbox

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  • Sorry to see another one of these nice neighborhood houses going down.

  • Torn down after only 20 years. What a waste…if you don’t like a house, don’t buy it! (unless it actually is a total shack, of which there are still plenty in Southampton).

  • Wow. I think that house was only built in 1999.

  • The article seems to imply that the teardown was specifically due to the prior history. Did the controlled demolitions damage the house to the extent that it couldn’t be salvaged? After all, they thought it could cause damage even to nearby structures.

  • And boom goes the dynamite …