An MC2 Townhome from Circa Y2K

These twin townhomes look a bit steely-eyed beneath heavy-lidded, cantilevered roofs. They share skyline views of downtown from their double-decker balconies and storefront windows laced with Mondrian-style tracery. However, only 1 of these by-the-bayou units designed by MC2 Architects is for sale. It’s the one just a tad closer to downtown (above, at right). Last month, the asking price on this April listing dropped $30K to $549,000.


Built at the Turn of the Millennium, the 3-story townhome has 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a gated driveway, and a patio. Its fenced lot,  2,370-sq.-ft., is located on Memorial Way, which is a spur of a street that runs parallel to Memorial Drive near Sabine St.

The project description by MC2 Architects says the townhomes’ staggered design and use of skyscraper-influenced building materials were attempts to bridge the transition from downtown’s high-rises to the more traditional homes in the adjacent historic Sixth Ward. Inside, though, they’re modern.

This balcony is off the 2nd floor living room:

There’s more steel inside on the open staircases and railings:

In the master bedroom, the window wall and glass-fronted balcony expand the view:

Even the closet has a window facing downtown.

The ground floor has access to 2 bedrooms and a patio:

In September 2010, the slightly larger unit, 1804 Memorial Way Unit B, sold for $510,000.

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  • That’s actually a really nice little patio.

  • I am a Realtor and I am tired of pretending or not saying the obvious…. The finish out is not at par with a half a million dollar price tag…. Modern design can be seen in buildings by Gehry, Philip Johnson or Mies Van Der Rohe….Johnson designed several of the buildings this home is looking, funny fact he worked for a residential firm first designing Mid-Mod tract homes and even at that point in his career his designs, plus finishes used shame the BS sold as luxury modern today……

  • The back wall of that bookcase unit is an odd place for an HVAC register vent.

  • Nice interior, exterior however is butt ugly.. Pass them every morning on my way to work.

  • I remember when these were built, and then was shocked when their neighbor built right on top of them a few years later.

  • Saw them on a home tour a few years ago. You’re paying for location and view, and the interior spaces feel larger than they are. The price doesn’t seem all that crazy to me.

  • I actually like the look of these, they aren’t pretending to be anything but what they are. That said, the kitchen, bathrooms and tile are cheezy and what I would expect to find in Katy tract homes. I don’t understand a buyer falling in love with the location and modern feel and also being satisfied with the interior finishes, or vice-versa. When I see these, I forget about the amazing view and see the dollar signs it’s going to take to gut the hideous kitchen, bathrooms and slate.

  • Overpriced, but you could charge for parking at traffic court

  • Paint a wall