An Off-Season Matagorda Island Investment Opportunity Strikes

‘Tis not really the season to be renting a beach house on Matagorda Island, as the listing photos above remind us. But here’s your chance to buy one before the forecast improves. The 3-bed, 2-bath shown at top hit the market last week at $269,900.

It’s one in a set of about 2-dozen lookalikes known collectively as Bahia de Matagorda. Where does that name come from? Not Matagorda Bay proper, but rather the man-made lake at the center of the neighborhood — which lies about 6 miles south of the mainland. You’ll see the water off in the distance below:


The house in the foreground that’s for sale — known by its address: 50 Private Road 640 — isn’t bay-adjacent like many of its neighbors. But it is situated back a few feet so that its deck hangs out right at the edge of the dune field that stretches out along the gulf:

The sleeping arrangements . . .

sitting arrangements . . .

and cooking and eating arrangements:

About a quarter-mile northwest of the house, at the remote junction of FM 218 and Beach Rd., a helicopter landing pad offers a convenient access or escape route for visitors.

Bahia de Matagorda

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  • This development looks really creepy. Is the exterior of all these homes wood and if so, does it make sense to use that material right next a salty body of water?

    The “dune field” is disgusting and gross.