An Office Depot on Heights Blvd.

The ample parking area out front is a tipoff that this updated 1938 Heights Blvd. cottage on the southbound side of the street could double as a business hub. It’s not the only sign, however:


Another sign is an actual sign, supported by (permitted) brick pillars posted in a patch of lawn just off the front yard’s expanded, pebbled parking area . . .

And then there are the dedicated workers within, apparently so intent on their tasks that they didn’t take 5 when the camera came through on listing-photo day:

It’s understandable, though: They’re busy . . . making home loans. Most of the rooms within the main house have been equipped with work stations — some with staff . . .

. . . and some without:

(Unless, of course, there’s someone hiding back there.)

The kitchen is still a kitchen, but its appliances currently include important office equipment:

An adjacent butler’s pantry also dishes up a private office:

Ditto the mud room:

Could the shower curtain (above) in one of the 2 full bathrooms be hiding office materials as well? The other bathroom is more overt in its space-sharing:

The 7,500-sq.-ft. property includes a back-of-lot building that’s sited across a landscaped zone shared by a wooden deck and patio:

Like the main house, the outback quarters double as offices, starting with its entry, where the wooden flooring gets a punchy border in a lighter tone:

Now, get back to work:

The listing popped up over the weekend with a $599,000 asking price; it weighs in at 2,640 sq. ft. HCAD indicates a 1996 remodeling of a 1,606-sq.-ft. property, which last changed hands in 2006. A multifamily property across the esplanade has the same owner.

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  • You have to give them credit for maintaining the aspects of the property that keep it a house. This property could easily be converted back into a house or continued as as a small business. It looks like a pleasant place to work, it must be sad for the employees to be either moving to a new location or being downsized.

  • It looks like those office chairs have ruined those hardwood floors. At a bare minimum they’ll have to be stripped, sanded, and re-finished.

  • Those…don’t look like hardwood floors.
    I’d guess they’re painted concrete.

  • Looks like my office on W. Alabama and Garrott.. Former reptile store in a former (historic?) home.